Web hosting can be offered in multiple ways. Each way caters to different kind of customers having different features. Let us briefly discuss each one in detail.

In this type of hosting, multiple websites share a common server. The resources including RAM, Processor speed, Disk space, CPU utilization and Network bandwidth is shared. It suits businesses that do not have high web traffic. It is perfect for SMBs or startups. There are many shared hosting providers in the market offering a wide range of solutions.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In this kind of hosting, you get a separate server completely dedicated to your website. It keeps your website up and running ruling out any possibility of service degradation. You get complete control over your resources. You can install software/applications on the machine as per your business need. It suits businesses that have constant high traffic. It gives the required amount of resources attention as any high traffic website needs.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

It is known as a perfect blend of dedicated and shared connection. You have complete control over the machine at an affordable price. The websites are virtually bifurcated and allocated unique IP address, network bandwidth, disk space, etc. Hence it has better security than a shared connection along with better performance.

You can choose the apt web hosting service according to your business need to escalate your business performance through uninterrupted service.