Web hosting is one of the important services. Hosting providers across the globe offer an array of web hosting techniques and plans. Organizations select the best plan that suits their requirements. There are several web hosting types available in the industry like dedicated web hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting servers, cloud hosting, email hosting to name a few. Each of these web hosting types are completely different and come with different unique features.

This blog focusses on the basic differences in between a shared web hosting and a dedicated web hosting:  

Number of Hosted Sites on Server: A shared web hosting server accommodates numerous other websites along with your site. A dedicated server plan ensures you that only your site is hosted on the server and not others.

Hard Disk Space: The huge problem with a shared hosting server is the minimal allocation of disk space and bandwidth. Customers often face scalability and flexibility issues with a shared web hosting. With dedicated hosting servers customers can avail unlimited storage space and bandwidth. So, there is there is no sharing and limitations in terms of hard disk space.

Expenses: Organizations prefer shared web hosting because of affordability. SMEs and SMBs have budget limitations and that’s why these companies save their hard earned money. Dedicated hosting servers are expensive and very few hosting providers are there which offer quality dedicated hosting server at best available rates. It costs higher because there is only soul user of a dedicated server.   

Technical Skills Required: If you are opting for a shared hosting server, you hardly need to have any technical skills for server management and security issues. For a dedicated server, it is important that you must have some webmaster knowledge like server configuration, server management, and server administration. Though fully managed dedicated servers are also available in the industry, so it depends upon the budget and requirements of the organizations.   

Data Security: A shared hosting server demands installation of firewalls and other security applications or programs for best security. On the other hand securing your dedicated server is completely your responsibility. A dedicated server user can manage all the security programs and able to install, uninstall required applications. It also ensures lesser chance of obtaining viruses, spywares, malwares and Trojans. It is a huge risk when you share the same server with so many other users in a shared hosting.

Above these are considered as top 5 differences in between a shared web hosting and a dedicated web hosting server. It depends upon the customer which type of hosting suits their business and how they want to control their server and achieve organizational growth.