Shared hosting is a process where the websites, emails and databases of different customers are stored on one single powerful server. It means the server and resources like RAM, CPU and disk space are shared among different users. The shared hosting plans is the most economical way of hosting and is different from dedicated server where the entire server is used by one single business and all expenses have to be paid for by that business making it the most expensive form of hosting. 

Shared hosting plans are ideal for individuals building their websites for the first time as it provides sufficient resources that a startup requires. The customers can always migrate to a bigger hosting platform like the VPS or dedicated server as and when their business grows. 

Shared hosting plans are most suitable for:

  • Startups as they are not yet sure of their resource requirements
  • Petty businesses that are not likely to draw much traffic or require much of resources
  • For individuals experimenting with coding and web designing 
  • Businesses that are budget constrained
  • Creating sites for family personal use  

Features of shared hosting:

Businesses that buy the shared hosting plans have the advantages like: 

Cost effective: The biggest advantage with the shared hosting is its affordability. The various customers share the space and other resources on the server. So the expenses incurred on the maintenance and other utilities like power are shared amongst the users which cuts down the costs on each user making it the most affordable hosting ground. 

Maintenance: The hosts take complete responsibility of monitoring and maintenance of the server. This feature helps the customers who are not technically competent and they also are saved from the expense of hiring technically qualified staff. 

Upgrade: They can always upgrade to a higher platform if they find they require more resources than what they get with shared hosting. 

Security: The servers are protected from virus and malware. Data backup is done once in a week or earlier depending on the provider. 

Support: The technical team from the host can be contacted over chat, phone or mail throughout the day. 

Features of shared hosting: some of the attractive features that the clients buying shared hosting plans include

  • choice of Linux or Windows operating system. 
  • allowed to host multiple websites
  • allowed unlimited email hosting 
  • latest and high quality server hardware from reputed brands
  • uptime guarantee, password protected directories, multiple backup points
  • easy to use control panel
  • 1-click installation
  • Trial period with money back guarantee. 

The leading shared hosting provider extends complete support and keeps the clients informed as and when they are drawing more resources than the accepted range. It is a good sign as it indicates that the client’s business is growing and it is time for them to upgrade to the higher platform of either VPS or dedicated servers. 

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