Businesses looking for their first web host at timesfall for flashy offers and unfathomable features offered by a plethora of service providers. Undoubtedly, sorting through all available options and terms can be not only overwhelming, but also exasperatingfor anyone. Since the online market is flooded with numerous providers, it’s all too easy for any first-timer to be hoodwinked with less than transparent offerings.

Hence, it is utmost significant for you to make a smart choice by gaining in-depth insight about what exactly you’re buying. As a newbie you must learn how to guard yourself against a bad host.

Let’s try to dig deeper and debunk the most common myths about shared sever hosting through this post.

Myth 1: Take services from any shared hosting Service Provider

Like one size doesn’t fitall, same ways not all web hosts provide similar type of services. Your web host plays a major role in success of your website; hence choose sagely. Do you know that your website hosting experience is determined by numerous factors? Here is a snapshot of the same:

  • Server reliability: You must ensure that your shared server hosting provider must offer guaranteed 99.9% network uptime. Don’t accept anything below this level as even a drop of 0.5% uptimemeans that your site will remain down for at least two days. This can further impact your business.
  • Website response time: Your website load and response times are crucial for keeping your visitors happy. Hence, ensure your host guarantees you 100% site load times.
  • Domains: Don’t forget to check how many number of domains they are supporting. As some web hosts allow onlysingle domain, while others provide support for unlimited domains.
  • Support services: Another crucial aspect of shared hosting provision is 24x7 customer support services. Your host’s IT support team must be there round the clock to ensure that your site remains always up and running.

Myth 2: Free Host is the Right Choice

It goes without saying that free shared hosting certainly comes with the evident advantages that there isn’t any hidden cost at all. However, that so called advantage is usuallyoutshined by the slew of drawbacks. Here in case of point, since it’s FREE, you won’t be able to available featured services that can be crucial for your site like uninterrupted load time. Furthermore, free shared hosting solutions are not at all reliable. Beyond the apparent downtime jeopardies, chances are your host disappears overnight, which ways you will completely lose your site. There are numerous of web hosts offering cost-effective shared hosting plans. You can consider taking services from them!

Myth 3: There is nothing like cheap shared hosting

A reliable host doesn’t have to cost a fortune – and, in reality, not all low-cost hosts are bad. Certainly, there are some drawbacks, but if you do relevant groundwork and accordingly remove bad apples from your basket, rightly manage and work around the problems, you will be able to get economical web host.

Myth 4: You must be from IT background to host your own websites

Well, you don’t need to feel bogged down because of this. You don’t have to be an IT expert for hosting your website. The fact is that many providers now a days provide a huge benefit of a highly intuitive interface with an easy-to-use control panel. Rest you can stay assured that service provider’s experts are there 24X7 to assist you.

Myth 5: Zero Negative Reviews

Let’s be candid – individuals are far more likely to give negative feedback when they are irritated or unhappy relatively to the times when they have ever had a positive experience. Well, there are some customers whom you can’t make happy all the time simply due to the unrealistic expectations they have from the service provider. You won’t find a single host without negative reviews or complaints. Hence, try to look for the positive reviews as well.

In a nutshell, be wary about what you reading and do the relevant research to avail shared hosting services that meets your requirements and also fits within your budget.