If you are planning to shift the web hosting location, it will definitely affect your website in various ways. You will see difference on the position of your website’s search engine listing and in overall SEO. It is fact that not many organizations are aware of these affects. 

Have a look on Top 5 Significant Points:

The Location of Your Server: 

Google strives and sort search results on the basis of relevance. One of the most important parameter is the location of your hosting server. The search results are been submitted by the search done and proposed from specific countrieswhichprioritize the websites location. 

Earlier, Google used to rely on the TLD’s or Top Level Domain Names to justify the search. But now, they have also started using the IP address to keep the track and to specify the locations of any particular website. This practice has certainly improved the search results. So, it can be said that the location of your server plays an important role to make difference on SEO. 
Quality of Hosted Server:

Hosting solution plays an important part for your website’s ranking. If you are planning to migrate your hosting, it is better that you select a robust servers with amazing features. A server is not only judged because of its features or physical qualities but being a customer you need to know how your hosting provider is managing it. For an example, if you hired a server that has the tendency to accommodate lots of websites (Shared Hosting), the SEO performance will beaffected for sure.

Loading Speed of Website Pages:

Googlestands and judge the parameter for your website. It also considers the webpage loading speedwhen ranking is concerned. If your webpage is taking more than 2 seconds of time to load, Google will definitely drop the ranking and it will effect on your business.

Thus, it is suggested that when you are shifting your server, you better know the strengths and the weaknesses of your hosting server. Get all the minute details of your host before you pay to the server provider. It is not necessary that a popular host will always offer you with the quality services you are looking for. Make the right choice in terms of web hosting and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Select a Robust Web Hosting Plan:

Before you hire a hosting plan, you should know your hosting need and act accordingly. Organizations which are planning to shift their hosting should know that a wrong decision will surely make a huge difference on SEO ranking. It will affect the website performance as well. Thus, you should avail the right hosting plan to get the positive affect on your site.     

Hosting Downtime:

Finally, if you are changing your site locations frequently it may become the reason of downtime for your website. So, always contact one of the leading web hosting providers that can provide minimum guaranteed 99.99% uptime and can offer best features. Websites face downtime especially when the site waits for DNS to propagate. It takes 24 to 72 hours.
Hope these, points will help you to take the right step and will save your time to get the best hosting when you are shifting base with your website.