The SSL certificate basically stands for Secure Socket Layer which is a standard encryption technology for data transfer between a web browser and the user browser. The websites use SSL to stop the hackers from intercepting and misusing critical data which users may leave on their sites. This data is usually left behind in checkout pages and registration forms or contact forms. The SSL makes use of both private and public encryption keys, the former scrambles the data and the latter decrypts the data. When your site has a SSL certificate it can make a great difference to the way in which a buyer will perceive your company. However, you must take note to use the SSL certificates that are issues by reputed and trustworthy authorities. You must also decide on whether to use single r multi-domain certificates.

How is SSL certificate useful for SEO rankings?

Getting the SSL certificate is not enough when it comes to securing communications. You must implement many other steps before Google starts to increase your rankings. Recently Google had announced new changes in algorithms and it became evident that from now onwards, HTTPS will be included as a ranking criterion. The HTTPS is a secure form of HTTP because it suggests that the site is secured through SSL encryption. So, it is safe for transferring sensitive data like credit card numbers of bank account numbers. Earlier there was no need for sites which did not engage in financial transactions like blogs to install this certificate. This certificate was visible only in sites like online stores or banks where sensitive data was sent. But with Google including the SSL as a ranking criterion, more and more businesses are keen to secure their sites with the SSL certificates.

Reasons why the SSL certificates are important for SEO:

Among the many advantages of installing the SSL certificate, the most significant is that HTTPS will boost your search engine rankings. While Google may have as many as 200 factors for its algorithms, the SSL is increasingly becoming important with the growth of ecommerce and integration of secure sites with emails and social media.

When the traffic from a HTTPS website is referred to any HTTP site, referral data gets lost but this issue can be resolved when your site is HTTPS. So, marketers can get a far better insight on the referral traffic which helps them to analyze marketing strategies better.

The SSL helps to eliminate any interceptions of data in the middle and encrypts communications on your website making your site appear more credible and trustworthy to your viewers.

The SSL is important for SEO rankings because it gives the much needed peace of mind to your target audience. They are not hesitant to share information with you and are more comfortable buying products from you.

While the movement to HTTPS should not be the topmost priority for websites now, there is no denying the fact that it can dramatically boost your rankings as Google has hinted. Google announced that sites with SSL certificates will get a minor boost in search engine rankings and it is expected that over time, this boost will become more substantial. Moreover, the boost will be provided in real time allowing site owners to benefit from it right away. It is however important to remember that to enjoy the advantages of HTTPS you must enable “Always On”. This is done to ensure that each web page on your site redirects to using HTTPS although the users may have requested for the pages in HTTP form. So, it is perhaps a good idea to buy the SSL certificate before your competitors do, to make sure your rankings do not drop compared to theirs.

Besides the SSL certificate, it is also important to ensure that the other ranking criteria are also given due consideration. So, unique content is equally important when it comes to getting high SEO rankings. There should be consistent URLs everywhere; so, the links you at using for internal linking, links in the XML sitemaps and links your viewers will see must be compatible. Updating one and not the others may land your site in trouble. You must also limit parameters and have numbers instead to allow spiders to find the URL easily; you should avoid sub domains and make use of hyphens in place of underscores. It is important that you site contains content of high quality which will help the users to buy your products. The search engine spiders will read your pages literally and live text should therefore be placed higher and not masked. Sites with better quality links will always outrank sites which do not have good links. While you will need keywords for tagging, it is important to use only one or two. Finally, it is imperative that your loading time is accelerated. The slower your website is, the longer the spiders will take to scan your page. Users are not likely to stick around for more than a few seconds to see what you can offer them.