In this fast-paced digital world, a vast number of traditional firms are gearing up for digital channels to leverage plethora of benefits attached to it. A report by a leading research and advisory firm ‘BIA/Kelsey’ suggests, in the year 2015, the digital spending will grow to $16.6 billion – which is approximately 70% of total US SMB marketing budgets. It further states that SMBs are expected to invest 30% to traditional advertising out of their overall marketing budgets, which is 52% down from 2010. 






Another report states that around 61% of global Internet end-users research products online. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012). Coming directly to the point, having a strong online presence can be a prolific deal for companies of all contours. Search Engine Optimization is the key parameter that helps in reinforcing company’s visibility, unlocking new opportunities, and increasing ROI. SEO can give a boost in your search engine rankings, driving more and more customers to your website. However, there are multitudes of factor that affects SEO rankings such as website loading time, security, and service availability. 

To avoid such nerve wrecking circumstances, entrepreneur should choose web host keeping below factors in mind: 

Website Speed: Speed is one of the factors that impact SEO rankings. A slower loading speed than average can be due to coding and configuration of your website, or due to the hosting platform you have opted for. If you are sure that your website is technically updated, you should speak to your web host. Sometimes, speed gets slower owing to the server that you have utilized to host your website. In case you are on shared server, you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated server depending on your business growth. 

Note: Select a web host that employs best-in-class hardware and network infrastructure and guarantees lowest latency rate.

Service Availability: Another factor that affects SEO rankingsis website availability. A single minute of downtime can indubitably affect your business’s bottom line.Search engines like Google and Yahoo keeps on visiting your website. If these search engine spiders visit your website when it is slow and unresponsive, and this happens on a recurrent basis, the website might get removed from their indexed websites.  Such sites are often flagged as untrustworthy and at times search engine stop displaying these inaccessible sites in their search results.

Note: Select a web host that offers service level agreement on network availability. Don’t go for a hosting vendor that offers less than 99.95% network uptime for your mission-critical websites.

Security: Weak security practices can take a toll on your website performance and business credibility. A website hosted on a server that is not well armed with robust firewall solutions, antivirus/antispyware software can expose your website to vulnerabilities. 

Note: Select a web host that has adequate security provisions to safeguard your mission-critical website and IT assets against intrusions and theft scenarios.

Providers that maintains N+1 resiliency and follows strict security and compliance protocols should be preferred over those offering cheap web hosting plans. You can evaluate the service provider in terms of experience, data centers, security parameters, IT components, service availability, and technical support.