Changing nameservers do not really affect any search engine rankings or “SEO Rankings”. One thing is important that the changing nameservers should not be a fake one and your hosting provider plays an important role on this issue. If you found any kind of changes on SEO ranking, then you can be rest assured that there may be some other reasons behind that.

We have listed upon some important points which may cause and affect SEO rankings.  

Low Bandwidth:

There are some hosting server plans available which do not allow the websites to use unlimited bandwidth. It is a fact that there are some web hosting servers which has really very limited bandwidth which hampers website ranking. All these servers disapprove access to the websites which have already used per day limit of bandwidth. 

Bad Quality Websites Hosted on Same Server: 

One should be careful while transferring one server host to another.  It is often important to know about your hosting provider and the kind of websites it host.  Reason being, if any website hosted on your server has any questionable content it will surely hamper the SEO ranking for your website.     
Location Matters: 

The location of the hosting does matter. It decides the best geographical version for you to provide with the best result. Apart from this, Google utilizes some important factors which assist customers exactly what they want to see. For an example, customers who are located in US should focus on getting business in United States. 
Bad Downloading Speed: 

When you opt for web hosting, you should choose a hosting plan that can offer you great downloading speed for your website. This affects a lot on your search engine optimization or on Google ranking. If a search engine bot tries to access a very slow website, it may either gives up before the page loads and fines the page for being inaccessible.  

Intolerable Downtime:  

Web hosting should always be taken from a reliable provider that promises great uptime for your website. If your website faces downtime, it will definitely affect your website ranking or SEO. If your website faces downtime, there is a risk that search engine bot may try to enter during that particular time only. Again, if a bot tries to enter and remain unsuccessful to access a site, it may fine your website for not being accessible. 

Copied Content:

Content plays a pivotal role to get the best SEO results. There are some organizations who post copied content on their website and its effects on the ranking of that particular website. There are web hosting servers that generally develop subdomains in the name of your original website. It is a fact that popular search engines scowl on the posted duplicate content over the website. Thus it is important that content on your website should be original otherwise it will effect on SEO ranking for sure. 

Save Your Website from Hackers:

It is a truth that hackers do exist. Once your website is hacked by any professional cyber-criminal, you may face problem. Hackers generally try to pull down your website and may replace any image or content. This will affect your SEO ranking and you should play safe to maintain good ranking on Google listing.