The saying, killing two birds with one stone suits you if you own a web hosting company offering cost-effective Linux reseller hosting plans. This is because availing a reseller hosting plan can give you the leverage to recommend a company to host its website in your own server. This way you soon carry the pride of hosting multiple clients websites in your server. You not only allocate web space to store and access website's programming files, but also create a platform purpose-built to setup and manage clients accounts, tiered hosting plans, emails and bills. 
If reports are to be believed, soaring number of individuals or companies adopting reseller hosting is the result of flexible pricing structure, customer supportive approach and lasting relationships. In simple words, you can determine the prices of your various reseller hosting plans on the basis of your initial investment, your customer's base price sensitivity and prices of your competitors. It is, however, recommended to announce a discounted price for customers who pay for a full year in advance.
As far as customer support is concerned, you need to be very distinct in your approach while supporting your clients from the beginning. The reason you play the role of a mediator between your clients and reseller host. If your client faces sites database crashing or email errors, you instantly need to inform your reseller host as problem like this will be fixed by them. In fact, maintaining excellent customer support enables you to prolong your relationships with clients and helps you generate ROI in no time. So, take the advantage of Linux reseller hosting plan and mark a niche in the hosting industry.