The significance of reseller web hosting servicescannot be undermined. A reseller host has the flexibility to lease a portion ofthe assigned server space and bandwidth to a third party. To simply put across,a reseller purchases hosting services from the prime web host and further resellsa portion of it to its clients for a profit margin.

Both Linux and Windows hold a pivotal position inthe web hosting arena and have their own pros and cons.

Windows reseller hosting is an optimal hosting servicefor clients who work on dynamic websites. It facilitates clustered hosting,wherein your website shares the processing power of multiple servers.

Enumerated below are some of the pertinent reasonsfor availing Windows reseller hosting solutions:

UserFriendly Interface: Windows since its inception has been invogue because of its user friendly tools and ease of use. Windows resellerhosting provides an access to ASP.NET, which is a robust tool used fordeveloping web based applications. It also facilitates the use of variouscontent management systems such as DotNetNuke, SharePoint etc.

Compatibility:Windows is a Microsoft product and thus supports Microsoft based applicationsand software. Windows reseller hosting is a highly compatible operating systemthat works well with both Microsoft products and other open source technologiessuch as Perl, MySQL and PHP

Easeof use: Windows hosting is less complicated and entailsnumerous features that helps in effective management of your website. Windowsprimarily operates on Microsoft Windows server 2003 and 2008 that ensure reliableserver management.

Costeffective: Windows reseller hosting is acomprehensive hosting solution for the resellers, as it saves them from hostingmultiple accounts to keep a track of the number of users. All this can beeffectively managed through a single control panel, thereby saving onto timeand money.

Thus, Windows reseller hosting is an appropriate hosting choice for large and established businessesthat want to implement .NET or Microsoft applications.