Numbers of websites in the world that are online right now are 1,046,412,052 and the figure is constantly being added with newer and newer websites getting online. (Source-

This implies that there exists a huge and ever growing business potential for the business of web hosting. It is the right time to start a reseller hosting business, provided you have the resources such as a business plan, startup capital, and choice of reseller hosting services for efficient and reliable backend support.

Reseller hosting business can be started by any individual. Following are some of the entities that can leverage their existing potential and business relations:

 - App or software development enterprises
 - Digital marketing business
 - Bloggers and freelancers

In order to enter into the high-growth trade of reseller hosting you need to do a little bit of research and gain sound knowledge about intricacies of web hosting business. It is important to plan what kind of services you would be offering your clients.

You can choose to resell any type of website hosting solution. Do you know, what are essential benefits of reselling VPS hosting? Or for that matter what are advantages of reselling dedicated or shared hosting? Try to find answers to such questions before designing appropriate hosting plans.

These can range from the basic website hosting to more advanced application hosting solutions. Based on the suite of services that would be offered, you can decide the specifics of rates as well as hosting packages that would be offered to your customers.

Thankfully, a reseller business does not need huge startup capital. This is because there is no need for a reseller to invest in costly equipment and infrastructure. All you need to start reseller hosting business is a good workstation with dependable internet connectivity. 

How to choose the right reseller service provider

While selecting your hosting service provider, you must check the credentials and reputation of the vendor and understand the range of bandwidth, storage space, and other vital resources being offered to you.

In order to ensure online visibility of your business, you should get your domain name registered and include the hosting services that are going to be offered by your reseller business on the website.

Success of a reseller hosting venture relies on your marketing acumen and the choice of your reseller hosting provider. It must be understood that resellers can avail hosting services at wholesale rates and design own hosting packages, when you are going to start a reseller hosting business.

Tight service provider can offer you a choice of Linux and Windows operating systems and a wide spectrum of compelling features for easy management of website. As a reseller your service provider can offer to maintain your website at down to earth rates.

Key features of established reseller hosting providers include round the clock customer support, flexible control panel with user friendly GUI, private name server, based on your domain, and above all, guarantee of 99.95 per cent uptime.

When you are about to start a reseller hosting business, you need to check hardware specifications of the host to ensure that there is negligible downtime due to component failure. Ideal reseller hosting service provider enables reseller with state of the art e-commerce support that is backed with best-in-class support of ZenCart, CubeCart, and so forth.

You must attach great significance to the choice of trustworthy reseller hosting service provider when you decide to start a reseller hosting business. By hosting websites on behalf of third parties, you can maximize your business potential with economical reseller hosting plans offered by leading vendors.