Reseller hosting is an ideal business option for IT professionals with sound entrepreneurial acumen. Reseller hosting is the business that facilitates utilization of web hosting resources of its parent hosting company and sell it to customers for a profit margin.

Understanding role of reseller hosts

Resellers are actually provided with a hosting account that helps create multiple accounts under a single master account in a shared environment. The hosting space can be used by the reseller for hosting other accounts. Reseller hosting is also beneficial for development firms or web designers that desire to host several accounts.

There are reseller hosting contracts that allow parent hosts to charge resellers for every new client added to the program. This entitles the host to charge reseller as and when a new account is created. In addition to this, there are many types of reseller hosting contracts as per the hosting company.

We can list some if the common features of reseller hosting programs. All resellers are allowed to brand their hosting venture to hide the name of parent hosting company from accounts. Every reseller is provided with ability to configure individual accounts depending upon requirements. Reseller hosts are offered facility of domain hosting in addition to a disk space and bandwidth. Other pass through features include monitoring tools, emails, additional scripts, and control panel. These features are standard features provided by parent host to regular clients.

Advantages of reseller hosting

Web hosting can be an add-on service to providers of wide variety of digital or internet related services including web designing, content creation, media services, SEO services, digital marketing, and web consultants, just to name a few.

Reseller hosting can also be used to launch standalone business, which can be provided by technically proficient individuals to clients in order to fulfill their internet related requirements under a single roof.

It is observed that internet marketers or database programmers make bulk purchase of web space and they can leverage the discounted rates to design a good deal with help of reseller hosting.

Concerns about reputation of resellers

As a general rule, most of the reseller hosts have a good reputation as web hosting service providers. However one should try to rule out the possibility of getting associated with a reseller host that may offer mediocre service. These providers are not able to maintain the same level of service as that of the parent company.

Sometimes, service and performance of the parent hosting company can also impact a reseller host’s reputation. It is also found that some resellers overcharge their clients or may reduce the number of features offered by parent host to be passed on to clients. Resellers are also found to retain control of clients’ sites and may not be cooperative if clients complain about such issues.

Such resellers can also go to the extent of restricting access to your files or blocking your attempts to migrate elsewhere. These instances are a rarity but one needs to be always on the guard and bring such practices to the parent host’s notice for further action.

Launching your own reseller hosting service

If you have been already active in web industry and need to gain a quick foothold by establishing your own enterprise, then reseller hosting is the most rewarding business that can enable you to exploit your relations and contacts in the web industry. The good news is that, you will be supported by web hosting company at every step of building your own reseller hosting venture.

You need to undertake an in-depth research to find out the most profitable and reliable hosting companies that offer reseller hosting plans. This needs to be followed by identifying potential customers that can be included in the program right away. This can help you decide an appropriate package. This package can be further broken down into individual plans that will be offered to your clients. You can arrive at a certain figure in terms of number of customers that would be added as soon as possible and fix the plans and prices to be offered to customers. In the mean time you may also undertake research to find the most suitable parent host that matches your requirements. Parent host will walk you through the process of launching your reseller business by setting up the packages for you.