Reseller hosting refers to a hosting plan in which businesses buy bulk plans from a provider and then sub divide these bulk plans into smaller plans which they re-sell to other users. For instance, the reseller is capable of selling the bandwidth and disk space which he gets from a leased dedicated server. The reseller can even get the permission to sell the same from a shared server. Reseller hosting is therefore perhaps the cheapest way by which sites may be hosted.






What Makes Reseller Hosting Popular?

The strongest reasons which drive people to choose reseller hosting plans are its affordability, reliability and flexibility. The best feature of such a hosting solution is that it can connect clients with hosts. However, reseller hosting is not all that easy as it sounds. You will need to have a clear understanding of how it works and a basic knowhow of hosting services prior to launching a site on your own. Since web development and web designing are so much in demand these days as every business needs a website, reseller hosting is also becoming more and more popular in the hosting world. Entrepreneurs are using this growth opportunity and launching hosting companies to either create a full income for their brand or supplement an existing income flow. The initial costs are also nominal and you can get started easily.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Reseller hosting is when one company like a hosting provider rents the hard drive and bandwidth to some other company like a SMB which then rents it out to some third party. So, reseller hosting is almost like offering hosting solutions to your own client just as if you were the main host. This is what makes it a rather lucrative opportunity for aspiring business owners who are keen to start their hosting companies or for web designers and web developers who wish to add more services to their portfolios. To start off with reseller hosting you will first need to research and then choose a parent hosting company. You must then buy the reseller package which can satisfy your business goals. You must be able to identify the target market for locating new clients. You can then begin to create your own hosting plans and decide on their prices. You can then start selling these plans to your clients to make profits.

When you choose reseller hosting plans, you get to be a hosting company yourself. So, you can generate revenues and create sites to make easy profits. You are also free to design the hosting packages which can be customized to suit your clients’ needs. You may charge your clients using your brand name. You can create independent control panels for every client. It is true that most of us are keen to save money on hosting plans; that is why people look out for cheap reseller hosting. However, it is very important to do proper research before you sign up for any cheap hosting options. When you choose cheap hosting, the quality of services can be significantly compromised. So, you should sign up for reseller hosting only after you have done a thorough research and found a reputed firm with quality services.

What are the Benefits of Reseller Hosting?

  • Low Initial Costs: Reseller hosting attracts most people because it needs very low initial costs. So, you will not have to make a huge upfront investment to get started. The costs of disk space or bandwidth under these plans are very less. Maintenance costs are also very reasonable, and when there are technical issues; the parent company and not the reseller will resolve these.
  • Better Control: Reseller hosting packages will let you access features that give you great control over the use of disk space. You can therefore manage all aspects of the site seamlessly. Besides, reseller plans will also let you use the entire space under the plan or sell it to various users according to your preferred rates. You can therefore get the total space or even sell part of this space.
  • Less Security Hassles: With reseller hosting, there are no regular security issues as there are with other types of web hosting. You simply have to worry about the space you want to give to your clients.