Hosting companies have given an opportunity to individuals and businesses to earn back some decent income through the reseller hosting business. It is again a new innovative concept that is benefitting both the parent host as they get more business, reseller as they make some income out of it and the buyer as he gets more hosting options to select from. It means selling resources of a web hosting company to a third party. For the new buyer the reseller is the host and the parent host gives the reseller the liberty to create their plans and packages and sell them as if they are the owners of the infrastructure. The third party buyer and the parent host have no direct involvement. The reseller extends all the features to the buyer that they get from the host. 

Who can become a reseller?

Graphic designers, web copywriter, database programmers, website designers and internet marketers are a few professionals that can add the reseller hosting as an additional service and sell to their existing customers. Another option is to sell web hosting along an existing website that they own.  Businesses that do not require large space but are hosting their website on the dedicated server can resell some portion of the unutilized resources by joining the reseller plans offered by the parent company.

With reseller hosting the reseller stands to gain as they do not have to invest on installation costs. The parent host assures of maximum uptime, unlimited bandwidth, sub-domains, and email accounts. They extend the same security measures while providing round the clock customer support. 

Choice of services: 

Reseller hosting can be offered on any of the hosting plans. The basic plans normally are set up on a shared server. The plans come with more powers and control on VPS, Cloud or dedicated server options and there is a choice of the operating system between Linux and Windows. It is most suitable for those that are creating and designing sites for their own personal reasons or for their family members and friends. Linux reseller hosting is more popular and cost effective than the Windows reseller platform. It offers more variety and choices of hosting plans to the customers. It supports MySQL, Apache, PHP, Python, CentOS, and Perl and many more. It is an open source and free platform.  

Benefits to the reseller: 

The parent host provides the reseller hosting plans at very attractive and reasonably bulk discounted rates as they sell large spaces at a single time to a single source. The client resells the plans at the normal market rates or keeps it a little lower to attract more customers. The resellers use their own brand name and earn more publicity. The reseller does not have to spend as much time as the parent host does on the working of the infrastructure. But such a situation may arise when the buyer faces some hindrance due to technical snag at the parent host’s end. It will affect the entire working of the server and the buyers will expect the reseller to come up with solutions.