Whether you plan to start your hosting company, or you are just looking for a large site that can handle your large and diverse needs, a reseller hosting package can aptly meet your specifications.  Reseller server hosting is a form of web hosting business model in which a web hosting firm allows its clients to utilize its hosting features to host third party websites without having to invest in its own web server and related infrastructure. 

The responsibility of maintaining network infrastructure and hardware lies with the service provider. There are quite a few reputable firms that offer both Linux based reseller hosting as well as Windows based reseller hosting allowing you the freedom of choosing a package according to your needs and preferences.

Reseller web hosting explained

This type of hosting is primarily a business development model provided by a web hosting services provider. Some web hosts contract with the reseller and charge for every client that it adds. There are also other service providers who provide the whole package with the sale of reseller account and charge monthly or yearly fee irrespective of the number of clients added. The client uses his own share of bandwidth, storage space, memory and RAM among other computational resources to host websites on behalf of third parties.

The client or the reseller purchases the web hosting services of the web hosting firm and then sells it to a third party under his own brand name. The primary hosting service provider under most circumstances offers its client some authority over the control panel to effectively manage the resources they have leased out to their own clients. This provides a good opportunity to brand your own web hosting company with the parent company remaining invisible in the background.

Features and benefits of reseller hosting

There are a host of features and benefits associated with reseller hosting. Some of the more common benefits that are available to all are enumerated as following:

Excellent brand building tools - Reseller hosting can serve as an important branding tool for your organization. The space that is brought from the primary web hosting firm is packaged, rebranded and sold under their own brand name by the secondary web hosting firm. The primary host is invisible to the secondary host’s clients giving the firm an ability to brand their own web hosting company.

Series of additional features provided by the service provider - Quality service providers offer a host of hosting features to their clients. The secondary host can pass on these additional features and facilities like complete white/private labelled control panel, monitoring tools, additional scripts and other email features.  White /private labelling is important as it prevents the primary host’s name from appearing on the control panel, billing software and other administrative areas.

Attractive discounts - Primary reseller web hosting services providers offer reseller hosting packages to their clients with attractive discounts and promotional schemes. This is understandable as the secondary hosts are essentially bringing in new customers that can prove to be immensely beneficial for the primary and secondary hosts.