Are you trying to start a reseller hosting business? If yes, this blog post is essential for you to read because it will give a definitive guide to you in making the right choice when it comes to choosing the right web hosting company. Before going into details, it is important to check out

What is a Reseller Hosting Business?

It is a kind of hosting practice where an individual purchases a web hosting package from a web hosting company, uses the allotted bandwidth as well as hard drive space for hosting websites on 3rd parties’ behalf. Most resellers buy hosting services from a hosting company on a wholesale rate, create packages, and then sell those packages to customers for making profit. In other forms of reseller hosting arrangements, a reseller can–

Either rent an entire dedicated server from a hosting service provider,
Or, resells shared hosting services

When considering the second case mentioned above, the hosting company provides permission to the reseller in selling a definite amount of bandwidth as well as disk space to the customers of the reseller. In such an arrangement, the reseller doesn’t have to rent the server from the hosting service provider they signed an agreement for creation of the reseller account.

Why choosing the right web hosting company is so important?

When you are looking for a web hosting service provider that gives reseller hosting solution, you must choose a good and reliable one that provides technical as well as customer related services at best price. There are many companies that promise of providing an uptime of 99 per cent. However, at the time of service provisioning the customers doesn’t get that. In turn, the reputation of the reseller dips. In such times, it becomes extremely difficult for making a decision regarding the choice. While choosing a reseller hosting company it is extremely important to ensure that the service provider provides –

Maximum uptime
24x7 technical and customer support by knowledgeable persons and experts
Unlimited amount of server resources

That’s the reason why it is essential to choose a hosting service that is professional and provides quality reseller hosting solution, effective in the long run. Long term results are assured when you choose a professional and reputed service rather than choosing one that charges least wholesale price.

To help you find the right Linux or Windows reseller hosting service, here are top 3 important tips –

1. Price of the reseller hosting package

The first and most common mistake an aspirant reseller makes is choosing a web hosting company on the basis of price charged. Usually, they make the choice only on the basis of the price without even checking the specifications provided under the package. Only cheap price doesn’t guarantee you great business for long. You may initially get bigger margin but when your customers don’t get proper service from the hosting provider regarding network uptime, technical support, bandwidth, or others they will automatically leave you and at the same time provide you with a poor rating.

Therefore, when selecting a reseller hosting solution, you not only compare prices of multiple service providers but also compare the specifications and features offered by them. When you go for cheapest price only packages, what you essentially do is you let go of many important features that are ensures in higher priced packages.

Another trick that some service providers offer is a cheap reseller package with long term contracts. Usually, these packages are put forward by the companies that are not so reliable. If you choose such offers you may save money in the first place but may lose the freedom of migrating to a better hosting service provider in the near future.

2. Technical Specifications

Different resellers have varied business outlooks and approach. If the basic plan of a reseller aspirant is to host multiple 3rd party websites that come with rich media content (including photos and videos) then a cheap hosting solution will not be able to meet the aggregate needs because they are less likely to have desired processor, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space. In fact, the reseller aspirant may ultimately require spending extra money to deal with the repeated downtime and other unnecessary loading related issues.

3. Technical Support

Always read the reviews of a web hosting company, especially about their offered technical support. Usually, non-reliable hosting companies outsource their technical and customer support. In such cases, the service is not up to the mark. So, don’t forget to inquire about this aspect before selecting one as the preferred hosting service provider. Also check out their reputation of providing tech service at dead of the night. Also check their response time to a raised ticket.

Once you are completely satisfied with the comparisons, choose the right reseller hosting service provider prudently.