Nowadays the web hosting market is dominated with companies providing Reseller Hosting and windows solutions. Now what does a reseller hosting plan entails? Basically it allows the account owner to split up the allocated hard drive and the bandwidth with an intention to resell. The plan acts an intermediate between the account owner and the parent hosting company. It offers more features compared to other basic plans involving no maintenance cost and helps you to have a dedicated server. It allows you to manage all the aspects of your site quite effectively due to better control provided. You get to decide upon your disc space usage and the bandwidth limit.

Reseller hosting could offer dedicated server hosting or shared server hosting depending on your IT needs. Various benefits you can avail are:-

You cloud choose a standard plan or a premium plan as per your needs. You can get desirable disc space, bandwidth requirement based on your website traffic forecasting. You need not invest money in setting up processes in-house.

Less Expense: Instead of purchasing a dedicated server, a Linux reseller hosting plan gives you the luxury of similar features at an extremely low price.

Generate Income: If you find that all your reseller space is not getting used up, you can make money by reselling that space on your website.

No Maintenance: You do not have to worry about complicated server issues if anything goes wrong. Leveraging an efficient technical support department offered by a reseller hosting package is always helpful.

Hence with various crucial offerings that could put an end to your hosting worries, reseller hosting surely is attracting different customers.