Public cloud is the new buzz word in the server hosting world. With newer hosting solutions available to companies and the industry trends changing rapidly, companies are keen to revisit their existing hosting arrangements – even those using the high performing dedicated hosting. They are all keen to explore newer and more efficient technologies. Public cloud hosting is the clear favorite according to many top businesses.

There has been a significant increase in the use of public cloud among companies as many consider it the best available hosting technology currently available. Public cloud makes it easy for companies to scale up use of resources, improve accessibility and create a redundant environment.

There are many other reasons why organizations are making a transition from dedicated server to cloud hosting.

Improved Use of Resources But At Lower Costs:

There is no disputing the fact that dedicated server hosting still enjoys a high level of reliability and confidence among companies. However, another fact that cannot be denied is that dedicated hosting costs money. You are forced to pay a hefty price for having resources loaded on your server, regardless of whether you have utilized all or a part of them. Public cloud offers the convenience of billing based on actual utility of resources. This can reduce capital costs and save you money. Public cloud also spares you the trouble and cost of having to upgrade your hosting system regularly. You can get access to optimized capability and resources from your existing IT system.

Public Cloud Adapt Effortlessly To Changing Business Needs And Climate:

Adapting to the highly fluctuating traffic is one of the secrets of success of any business. This one capability can allow businesses to grow in real terms. Public cloud hosting gives it the ability to accommodate changing traffic scenarios. With dedicated hosting too, you can scale business needs but there are tough specifications to deal with which makes scaling time-consuming and hassling as well.

When you choose public cloud server, it offers high flexibility and the ability to scale your need for resources and applications up or down without much effort. As there are not costly upgrades needed, you can save a tidy sum as well. It is evident from the above-mentioned facts that this utility billing model is more effective and efficient than dedicated server hosting.

Avoid Downtimes With Automatic Failover Settings

Achieving and maintaining high uptime is the critical need of any business. However, it is not possible to avoid downtimes once in a while as critical components can malfunction over a period of time. Downtime is undesirable for your business as it can result in huge losses but more importantly, it can dent your reputation.

Choosing public cloud hosting for running and maintaining of servers can help in avoiding downtimes. Dedicated servers go down due to hardware failures or when the CPU or disk space upgrades do not go through as expected. As cloud infrastructure is vastly different and built for more robust and reliable performance, you can expect optimum uptimes with factors like redundancy and fault tolerance coming to your rescue in tough and challenging times. Public cloud systems are designed for greater efficiency as there are many components that can seamlessly takeover the functions and tasks of components that have failed unexpectedly and suddenly. Another major benefit of using cloud server is that you can add disk space and CPU power without having to stop server operations.

Access Your Business From Anywhere

There is a lot of inconvenience involved in running your business from one location as is the case when you choose dedicated server to host your website and applications. With public cloud server, you can access your business on the move from anywhere and anytime. It allows you to take your business global. All you need is an internet connection. The cloud servers provide remote access to your IT infrastructure and helps in faster and efficient performance.

High Security Of Data Guaranteed

When you are using a dedicated server, arrangements must be made separately for storage and backup of data on your own which can cost you money. With public cloud, the issue of uploads and storage of files and documents does not arise as they can all be accessed from the cloud remotely. All data gets backed up automatically and hence maintenance and backup becomes easy, hassle-free and affordable.