When you can sign up for Magento hosting you will find tools that will allow you to create an online store which can successfully stay ahead of its competitors. But, for the Magento store to yield profits and positive results, you will need a competent and reliable Magento hosting provider. So, in short, you need a hosting environment which can support your website’s need for greater speed and the power to handle a huge number of clients seamlessly. This Magento hosting provider should also be able to let you have complete peace of mind without having to worry about server and hosting problems.

Tips to Get a Good Magento Hosting Provider:

You can find a quality Magento hosting provider after comparing many providers on the basis of technical supports, prices, PIC compliance, Magento experience, and management. 

So, to start with, you need to know what your business requirements are before you sign up for Magento hosting plans. For this, you will need to know what amount of traffic your site gets, how many requests the server gets during normal periods and peak seasons. Once you know this, you can decide the kind of plan that will work best for you. You can also get a fair idea about the type of hosting set-up you will need to handle such traffic. Google Analytics may offer you information about the number of requests you get in a day but to know whether you need Magento hosting, you have to take help from your web host.

You will also need to consider the number of web pages and products in every web page on your site to decide on the kind of Magento server you will need. So, when you have a page with only simple products, the hosting power needed is going to be far less than when you have a page containing configurable products.

For any ecommerce store, latency is a crucial factor and for this reason, you must choose server locations closer to your users. This ensures that the time taken to process user requests is less. So, for improving SEO rankings and user experiences you must choose Magento hosting.

When you have decided to choose a Magento hosting provider, you will also need to decide between choosing a managed hosting solution and a self-managed hosting solution. When you choose managed hosting the provider will maintain and configure the Magento servers and fix any server related problems. The host will also look into securing and hardening servers, identifying loopholes and removing them. So, there will be proactive server monitoring by the host round the clock. All operating system updates will also be performed routinely by the provider. In self-managed hosting, however, you get to run the server. Else, you can even hire a third party to do this work for you. But, in this option, you are likely to face many issues like high costs, lack of support for some functions etc.

When you know your website needs you can decide whether to choose a dedicated server, shared server or cloud server. For dedicated server, performance is highest as the whole server capacity will be reserved for exclusive client use. But costs are higher than either shared or cloud servers. Dedicated servers will guarantee you high speeds, better traffic supports and ability to handle huge product catalogues. When you choose shared hosting the speed and space will be limited and you cannot enjoy full customizability of server settings. This is a good option for companies with restricted budgets. Cloud servers will give you complete access to software upgrades and these are very similar to dedicated servers, only more scalable.

Finally, you need a Magento hosting provider that can guarantee you round-the-clock supports. It is wise to choose providers which can give Magento-specific supports so that site issues are resolved within minutes. The provider should also ban all blacklisted sites and spam websites in order to ensure that your site reputation does not get affected in any way. So, you should check for SSH encryptions and SSL, effective firewalls and server security strategies specific to a Magento platform.

Offering promotional items, whether these are branded or not, has always been an excellent marketing strategy for online retailers. You cannot simply offer cheap products as buyers are not impressed anymore with poor quality products. The Magento 2 Free Gift module can be the perfect solution for offering both discounts and gifts to clients. This is the best way to reward clients and in some cases, you can provide discounted products instead of giving them away for free. This new offering will allow buyers to add items to their carts and that is when a pop-up appears which offers them additional products that they can buy for discounted rates. To make customer experiences better, there are ways to tweak the pop-ups to allow buyers to compare prices before and after discounts. Since the buyer has total freedom to either accept of decline the offer, it does not come across as a marketing ploy.