With growing popularity of Internet, businesses are vying to have strong online traction and presence. Website hosting realm has undoubtedly become one of the most competitive industries over a period of time.When it comes time to kick-start your own commercial website, blog or any online portal, Linux hosting is the optimal choice.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is any type of hosting wherein the operating system set up on the server is Linux.  It is free and open source software.

Why is Linux Shared Hosting Preferred over Windows by Most Businesses?

Nothing is wrong with Windows hosting, but Linux is usually the most preferred choice for businesses due to many reasons. Linux permits the use of PHP, Python, CGI and Pearl, which are very popular choices for webmasters. It is widely known as one of the most stable choice for website hosting services and offers rich attributes free of charge relatively to Windows hosting.

While in Windows hosting, you can use ASP or ASP.NET, but both of these applications are inclined to be a bit intricate to use.  These days web developers, webmasters and bloggers are increasingly choosing Linux over Windows shared server hosting.

Some of the key Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting    

Cost-effective- Since Linux is free and open source platform, the user doesn’t have to pay any charges for operating system in Linux shared server hosting. Moreover, Linux-based hosting also come with various free and popular scripts, including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and phpBB, to name a few.


Linux server allows user to seamlessly create a blog, website, forum, multimedia or any other online application. Linux comes with a GNU or General Public License, which means, you can use it with various distributions like SUE Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu. This makes it much more scalable relatively to other operating systems.


Security is one of the most indispensable attribute of a Linux server, especially in case of shared hosting. This operating system has proven time and time again to be highly secure comparatively to any other option.

Easy to use

Another most compelling benefit of Linux shared hosting is that it is easy to use and user-friendly than Windows hosting. As it can make use of MySQL, Perl and PHP, it has become widely popular as a very easy system to use.

Finding a Reliable Linux Shared Hosting Service Provider

One of the most critical aspects that most of the businesses feel stuck with is how to find a reliable Linux shared hosting service provider? Of course, any type of hosting solution can bear fruitful results only if reliable vendor is backing it up. If you decide to go with a Linux hosting company without dedicated support or guaranteed network uptime, then chances are you won’t be able to leverage benefits of using Linux for your shared hosting. Hence, always ensure that your hosting provider offers 24X7 technical support services and monitor our servers around the clock.

In a nutshell, keep your corporate website and critical web applications up and running by hosting them on Linux shared server.