Reports suggest that these days, hackers target mostly the websites which are hosted on shared servers. The cyber criminals around the world use the domains hosted on shared servers for the phishing campaigns. This report has been generated from the Anti-Phishing Working Group and the team has stated that almost 50% of phishing attacks are recorded during the second half of 2012, these are involved such mass break-ins. The detailed statistics have also been incorporated in the latest editionof Global Phishing Survey report.    

Web hosting providers offer a vast range of shared hosting plans, but generally none of these are safe. These multiple phishing attacks have shock everyone in the web hosting industry. The cyber criminals can automatically update the configurations and it makes easy for them to display the phishing pages from a particular subdirectory of every website hosted on the shared server. The hackers are aware that n-numbers of websites can be hosted on a shared server at one go.

Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG)was in alliancewith 2000 organizations and different sectors from the different parts of the globe. These various sectors include security vendors, retailers, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, ISPs, defense contractors, law enforcement agencies, trade groups, government agencies and more.

The organization has shared that cyber criminals can easily hijack all the domains which are hosted on a shared web hosting servers and the usage of these domains for phishing is not the new technique. According to some sources, these kinds of activities reached on the peak in August 2012. The Anti-Phishing Working Group has detected over 14,000 malicious activities and phishing attacks sitting on 61 servers which are mostly on Linux shared hosting servers. 

APWG has also revealed that during the second half of 2012, there were 23,486 unique phishing attacks and malware functionalities occurred worldwide. These attacks are involved with 89,748 unique domain names. Thus, the organization warns that website owners should be aware of the quality hosting and make the right decision when they are opting for web hosting.