Hosting services generally operate on two environments- linux and windows. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For people who are conversant with the Microsoft Windows software and applications and use these for conducting their tasks, windows based hosting is preferred. However, since it is proprietary software and entails costs, people generally prefer taking the linux-based systems. Linux systems are also considered to be less amenable to cyber threat and are safer as compared with the windows platform. For this reason the sale of linux servers is far more than those of the windows ones. The business of server hosting services is conducted essentially through the resellers. While you might directly get in touch with the provider and take a plan of linux hosting, buying it from resellers has its own advantages. These plans could be for some limited or totally unlimited hosting. If you are looking for unlimited linux reseller hosting, then you can reap following benefits.

Role of Resellers

Resellers play a pivotal role in the sale of hosting services. These are closer to the client than the service provider and in a better position to understand the requirements of client. They enjoy the trust of the clients for their services. Most of the clients depend on the advice and suggestions of their trusted resellers for the purpose of taking unlimited linux reseller hosting.

Leverage with Providers

Further, providers of unlimited linux reseller hosting might find it difficult to have direct presence at multiple locations. For this they need a network of good resellers who enjoy the confidence of their clients for scaling up their businesses. The clients can benefit from this leverage which the resellers have with the providers. They can always negotiate better deals with them than with service providers directly. The service providers might not be interested in entertaining individual hosting seekers. They might offer plans directly for purchase rather than providing customized solutions.

Resellers also hold advantage for clients due to their expertise and experience in the field. They are generally aware of the different products from different providers and might have more than one provider for unlimited hosting plans based on linux. They would also be aware of the performance and service levels of these providers which can be used for the benefit of the clients. Clients neither have the knowledge or expertise nor connections with the multiple providers. They are no position to evaluate the service and performance parameters of these providers. 


Another advantage of taking unlimited linux reseller hosting is that you can expect a prompt response should there be any issue with the hosting server. If the provider is from a different country, then resellers are in better position to offer quick communication and get the issue resolved fast. Resellers can have control over a number of functions of the server and also have a team of professional working for them. Often, individual resellers are themselves experts at managing the server affairs. Thus, they can be of immediate help in case of any emergent need.