In this age of rapidly evolving technology, emailing has become one of the most significant criteria of our lives. It goes without saying that email is not just a way to stay in touch with your near and dearones, but also a way to establish and maintain professional contacts. This isthe reason why both individuals and businesses turning towards Zimbra web email hosting solutions.

It is one of the perfect ways to do both and more. There are various attributes that this mailing provision offers which makes it stand above the rest. It is not just a plain e-mail platform, but a comprehensive suite of services for seamless collaboration with colleagues, irrespective of the platform you use.  Zimbra Hosted Email is an enterprise-class email solution for managers who would like to enjoy more functionality, reliability, and enhanced integration relatively to traditional email services.

With this hosted email solution, you no longer have toremain chained to your desk so as to effectively manage your email and calendar read, reply, file and schedule simply from your laptop while sitting in a restaurantor from your mobile phone while on go. When you resume work, all the changes done will be automatically updated and reflected. Now bid abidue.

Lets have a closer look at how SMEs managers can smartly leverage Zimbra email hosting solutions to seamlessly collaborate with theirteam members.

Here are some of the key attributes of Zimbra email hosting that managers can consider:

- Shared Mailboxes-This attribute of email hosting enables multiple users (team members) to access specific mailboxes, all from their regular email program.

- Shared calendars- It enables the authorized users to view and update each others calendars contingent on the permissions you choose.

- Shared contacts and tasks- Helps you consolidate these items across your entire business.

- Seamless Mobilephone synchronization- All mailboxes, calendars and contacts can be automatically synced on your mobile devices, including iPhone and Android.

- Fully-featured webmail- a rich webmail client that shows the same mailboxes, calendars,contacts and tasks as your desktop email program.

- Centrally stored and manage- Your entire mission critical data is stored on service providers infrastructure, not in a susceptible office environment, and you create backups that are fully automated.

- Locally archive- You can save yourimportant emails, calendars and contacts at any time, all of from an email program.

- Import existing mail- Another best aspect of that allows you to import all of yourexisting mail, calendars and contacts from other emailing platforms.

- Scalability - This attribute of Zimbra enables you to enjoy all of these benefits for a single user for one minimal monthly fee, or for thousands of users for big conglomerates.

In a nutshell, bid adieu to the traditional email hosting provision and enjoy unlimited email hosting with Zimbra.