Business email hosting services have recentlyemerged as a smart business investment, where organizations are hiringprofessional email service hosting providers to provide both economical and efficienthosted email services.

Zimbra email hosting services provide an effectiveemail platform for businesses that witness huge email traffic. It is an efficientemail solution that helps to streamline the business communication process andfacilitates a smooth flow of mails through electronic means.

Zimbra provides a comprehensive access to the informationstored within the various user accounts. It is an open source platform that hasinnumerable benefits such as user friendly interface, low costs, ease of useand modification.

Zimbra email hosting is available in two versions –open source and commercial version. To elaborate further open source is a freeplatform that provides limited storage space and features to the users.

On the other hand, commercial version is usuallyavailed by large enterprises that need flexible features such as increased storagespace, more software options to meet their expanding business needs. Thisversion of Zimbra hosting involves annual subscription and licensing fees.

Enumerated below are a few benefits that make Zimbra hosting a preferred choice for enterprises:

· It helps to  ensure smooth and efficient inter departmental functioning by synchronizing the workings of different departments  

· Zimbra hosting is an effective email hosting platform that helps to curtail time lags and at the same time allowsfast file sharing.

In nut shell, Zimbra hosting has emerged as adynamic open source platform that facilitates secured email solutions designedto cater to specific business requirements.