Email hosting services are essentially web-based services which operate mail servers; they offer premium emails for a price in contrast to the advertisement-supported email solutions which are free. Most web hosting provider services will offer email hosting services too but these typically provide only POP3 emails along with the basics in virus protection. When you run a small or medium sized business, you will not be keen to use the email hosting solutions offered by the provider because these are inferior to professional email hosting services. The latter will give you the peace of mind you want and you are then free to focus on developing the other important areas of business.

Quality Email Hosting Services






Why is Email Hosting Services Popular?

Most email hosting services will provide rich features like unlimited forwarders, IMAP/POP3, large attachments, autoresponders, strong virus/spam protection, calendars, online storage, mailing lists, blacklists and white lists, archiving and backup, contacts management and folder management. Moreover, professional email hosting services are cost-friendly because you do not need to spend a lot of money on maintaining in-house mail servers. The best email hosting services will allow you to take free trials so that you can choose the one which caters to your business interests the best. In doing so, you will not longer have to spend time or money on creating and managing the internal message infrastructure.

What are the Benefits Which Email Hosting Services Offer?

- To begin with, you can avail of secure mail access because the providers will equip mail servers with the standard 128-bit data encryption feature which remains active in the course of the webmail session. So, any data which has been transferred to or sent from the mail server is immediately encrypted from the time you have signed in to the time you have logged out. This guarantees that sensitive messaging cannot be intercepted.

- Most businesses choose quality email hosting providers since they can get secure access to the desktop email clients such as IMAP and POP. The email traffic is completely encrypted including passwords and user names which have been sent to the server by clients for authentication.

- When you create an email hosting account, you will need enough storage space for it. Provider will offer you MB or GB storage per mailbox. Quality email hosting services will ensure that you can upgrade the storage capacity as your business grows.

- When you choose a reliable email hosting provider, you can ensure that spam emails will be effectively blocked. The anti-virus scanners are integrated into the provider’s SMTP gateways. Most quality providers will use filtering techniques like grey listing and white listing or blacklisting and ensure that you can make necessary configurations to send such emails directly into a quarantine folder.

- Besides these benefits, email hosting providers offer the address book feature which gives the users a rather convenient method to store their contact data so that it can be retrieved easily and quickly.

Business email hosting services are those that specifically cater to different businesses. The business email address includes the name of the company in an employee's email address. This is a professional email address which displays the individual’s authority to act on his company's behalf, at the same time, it also acts as advertisement of the brand name.