A never-ending combat for most SMBs is maintaining asufficientinflow of money. Simply put, they are undoubtedly making money, however the rate at which they are earning is nearly parallel to the rate at which they are expending. This makes unexpected expenditurethat is challenging to manage, specificallywhen one or two clients' accounts become anomalous.

The two most apparent solutions are to either triple-fold revenue or trim down expenses to a great extent. Looking at mounting expenses, most businesses go directly to labor costs. However, a huge portion of average monthly expenditure can often be attributed to IT software and management. Tools, processes and equipment related to coding or programming, data communications and systems control fall into this category.

Its no top-secret that the Microsoft Exchange Server is awidely used business communication platform that facilitates the user with flexibility, reliable protection, increased productivity and mobility. Using a hosted exchange solution eliminates the need for internal systems configuration, hardware and software ordering and arrangement.

Web hosting providerown, manage and run the complete infrastructure required to run Microsoft Exchange. However, the key attributes and benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange do varydepending on the service provider chosen by businesses. 

Lets have a Quick Glance at Key Attributes that Business to Consider:

Collaboration: Enables the user to keep a shared list of contacts, view calendars of colleagues or business associates for easy scheduling and access public folders for consolidated storage.

Mobility: This attribute of Microsoft exchange enables you to stay connected with people and information anytime and from anywhere through Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile messaging. 

Regulatory and Compliance: Throughretrieval, monitoring and auditing tools you can easily enforce regulatory and compliance polices. 

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam: Keep your data secure from email threats and virus attacks through spam filtering, inbound and outbound virus blocking, Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) and DoS blocking and user-specific quarantines. 

Active Directory Synchronization: Enjoy real-time user account synchronization; address book and password change synchronizations. 

Self-Management: Enables you to manage and create your mail services, add or remove users through user-friendly administrative control panel.

Hence, now its been high time for SMBs to decrease IT expenses and resources by expanding their communications capabilities and bandwidth. Opt for the right Microsoft Exchange hosting provider and always stay in control.