Email servers have always been vulnerable to malicious attacks. These are intended precisely for a single destination. No wonder that today scores of unprotected servers are under the control of hackers andundesirable influences. 

Such spams randomly scan the internet for vulnerabilities on frail servers and computers. Ultimately, they take advantage of port scanning, and software loopholes.

How does an Email Virus Work?

Viruses invade your system/Microsoft Exchange email hosting server from your inbox through malicious attachments. On opening an executable file attached to the message makes the program run and then this virus does its dirty work. This damagesnot only this machine but also makes use of your address book there by sending its copies your contacts. A few infamous examples are Melissa virus andKlez.

How to protect an email server from such threats?

There are some methods to protect your dedicated server. These are:
- Firewall 
- Antivirus protection
- Privacy regulations


Firewall protection has the ability to open and close ports automatically in response to inward traffic. Hardware firewall solution is advisable for all dedicated email servers. Most enterprises adopt this resolution for complete protection against port vulnerabilities. Minimal resources are used on the server within this industry grade firewall.


Virus can spread through faking or spoofing email addresses. These malwares originate from an infected server. One can view the originating IP address of a server in the header of the message by opening the OPTIONS tab in Outlook. This comes in handy during server blocks.

Robust antivirus solutions work with email software and use real-time protection. They conduct scheduled scanning and this is advisable provided internet access is occurring from the same server. Moreover, daily antivirus scanscan also be effective.

Thus, you have to select a virus protection for your messaging server based on clear criteria. You need to define your platform requirements and detect the infection response for a centralized administration. The provider will give effective cleaning capabilities and a heuristic scanning which will keep the business email hosting services server free from viruses.