Businesses still depend on emails for communicating with their customers outside the organization and with employee inside the organization. The email is perhaps the most trusted and convenient tool which allows businesses to reach out to existing and new clients. Usually, startups do not have access to a lot of funds in order to affordable email hosting services. They prefer to choose the free email hosting services.

But, using email hosting solutions, like Gmail or Yahoo, that are free, is not going to help start-ups get more customers. Such email hosting services cannot give you a professional id and consequently, emails sent from addresses which are not attached to a brand name, are usually not given much value. When a company’s employees are able to use their own names together with the domain name or their company’s brand name for communications, the emails are given their due credit. This is exactly why it is important for start-up businesses to choose the best email hosting service.

Choosing the best email hosting service for your company will allow you to enjoy a lot of storage space for your emails. The biggest benefit is in terms of security as there are IMAP and POP features for data encryption. This ensures that valuable data is never misplaced during transit and does not get accessed by unauthorized intruders. You will also get benefits of anti-spam filters and anti-virus filters which guarantee that no unwanted emails and malicious content can enter the mailboxes. The storage space is also customizable if you get a good hosting provider. This scalability is very necessary when your business is growing.

Tips to find the Best Email Hosting Service:

Before you sign up with just any email hosting service, you must first assess how big your business is and how many users you will have to cater to. You need to know how much storage space you need and whether any of your existing emails data can be archived before you migrate to the new host.

To get the best email hosting service, you will also need to analyze features your teams will need. You have to take into account specific security arrangements and data protection features.

You must also consider the budget well before signing up with an email hosting service. For smaller businesses and start-ups, free services may appear to be more suitable but for the medium-sized businesses and larger corporations, you must choose professional hosting solutions.

Before signing up, you must also consider the kind of software the provider offers and that it should be using only the latest versions of the software.

The best email hosting service should ideally offer migration services and should be able to ensure uninterrupted services even when the installation process is going on. 

You must also find out whether your emails will be archived automatically. So, your provider should be in a position to offer you email archiving features.

When you find the best email hosting service, you will not need to buy hardware or become a security expert at implementing tools for supporting your staff and business operations.

Here are a Few Notable Email Hosting Providers that You can Recommend for Startups:

Dialwebhosting is perhaps one of the leading web hosting providers along with being an industry leader in offering affordable business email hosting solutions. Their expert teams will ensure that all email hosting solutions are easily accessible for clients round the clock. With their hosting plans, your data can be sure and bug-free. It can be exchanged at record speeds through secure channels to various parts of the world. You can enjoy unlimited email accounts, seamless access top mailboxes even on mobile devices, fast deployment of email solutions backed by expert assistance, feature-rich emails solutions, email synchronization, enterprise-grade collaboration tools, unlimited storage space, quick connectivity to emails from anywhere in the globe, robust SLA and round-the-clock support.

Gsuite refers to Google products which are dominating the market because of their effectiveness and reliability. For start-ups, Google email hosting solutions provide excellent infrastructure. Google Technology Apps turn out to be the best tools for small business entrepreneurs.

Zoho Mail is also highly popular because solutions are both free and paid. Free plans are quite good for the smaller businesses and clients have given positive feedbacks. Free versions allow nearly 25 custom domain email ids and users will get about 5GB space.

FastMail is another flexible and trustworthy email hosting provider for both large and small businesses. It offers a robust email management interface and useful tools which can work with any device.

CloudOYE offers reliable and low-cost solutions, round-the-clock support, and better network uptime for its customers. You can benefit from its feature-rich solutions which include single-click installers, website builder, autoresponders, firewalls and anti-spam filters.

Finally, Mail Cheap is another dedicated email hosting provider which focuses on deliverability and uptime. Mail Cheap is also affordable and has unlimited domains, 10 GB -50 TB storage, and 100% delivery for all key providers.