Undoubtedly, email has become a foremost channel of communication within and outside the company. Email hosting provides companies an efficient medium to communicate without encountering intricacies of email server management. The most popular email hosting solutions are based on Microsoft Exchange Server and Zimbra emailing platforms. Today, a majority of businesses are shifting gears for email hosting solution as it has evolved into a main communication process, offering sheer speed and cost effectiveness. 

A research conducted by a leading market research firm 'Radicati Group', states that worldwide email hosting installation has increased owing  to the blend of high-end features like enterprise-level messaging and collaboration, virus/spam/adware protection, quick synchronization, easy accessibility and affordability. 

Now Let's Understand the Impact of Email Hosting on Organization's Overall Communication Architecture: 

Enhanced Protection: Most of the email hosting providers offer guaranteed server uptime and integrated disaster recovery tools including IMAP and POP to prevent unethical or unauthorized access. This means your confidential data stays out of data loss or breach menaces. 

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filtering: An email hosting solution comes with anti-virus and anti-spam filtering feature to filter all the incoming and outgoing emails in order to detect and remove malicious programs intrusion. Mails detected for virus are sent to the quarantine folder to keep your mailbox free from hassles. 

Greater Efficiency: Email hosting services help optimizing business performance, making communication process smoother for employees, partners and customers from anytime, anywhere. 

Huge Mailbox Storage: With email hosting, each user gets adequate mailbox storage space, depending on the requirements without increasing the cost of operation.

Email @ Your Domain Name: With email hosting plan, you get your email address with your company's domain name, allowing you to send email to your partners, colleagues, and third parties with your own domain name.  

Additionally, e-mail hosting provides feature rich hosting environment and various mailing functionalities. A robust email hosting provider ascertains complete support against all the teething troubles associated with server maintenance. 

In a nutshell, email hosting allow businesses to free their IT teams from the hassles of managing email platforms internally, and help them to focus on core business initiatives.