Internet has become the medium for communicating in businesses these days. Business people choose to keep written records for every document or conversation. Important deals take place over email communication. All this necessitates an email communication with breakneck speed, free from virus and malware, secured,having extensive storage space in a reduced cost.

There are Many Advantages of Business Email Hosting:-

Secured Webmail Access:

There is unparalleled encryption strength to protect your business sensitive data while it is getting transmitted.

Large Mailboxes:

Large information can be stored at ease. Approximately 1000 MB of storage facility is provided per mailbox. This space can even be increased further as per your business requirement.

Protection Against Virus/Spam:

The hackers are kept away and are blocked. Spam identification and anti-virus protection are integrated in the e-mail solution that protects you against data infection.

You Choose Your Domain Name:

Your brand is promoted as your organization name is included in the email name. This captures customers attention at the same time giving your company a professional look.

Saves Cost:

It is extremely costly to set up an in-house server for your email communication. Hosting is a wise choice as it cuts down your investment. You do not have to extend office premises to keep your email server in a temperature controlled, well-monitored environment. An efficient email hosting provider will safe guard your mission critical data by hosting your server in a tier III data center with a proper BMS (Building Monitoring System) to check on all facilities, redundant IT infrastructure to ensure 100 per cent network uptime.

All these things give a better impression to your customer resulting in word of mouth marketing for your product/service, hence more prospects converting into clients.

The only thing you need to be watchful about is choosing a reliable and efficient business email hosting service provider, be it Zimbra email hosting or Microsoft exchange. Communication is gold for any business. Choose an established service provider to manage it for you.