Today, most businesses rely majorly on email's exchange to plan as well as execute the regular activities. Additionally, in most of the organizations, email communication is standard way of communicating as well as facilitating team coordination; therefore, it enables them to execute and plan the business projects. In order to efficiently manage the email traffic, most of the companies opt for web host companies, hosting the email servers. Mail server is the one that delivers as well receives emails through client servers. There are plenty of cheap email hosting in India or globally that provides hosting services to the businesses. 

Among all email hosting services, owing to numerous benefits, Zimbra email server hosting is popular in the businesses across the world. It provides flexibility and simplicity to the organizations in different matters such as contacts, calendaring, managing emails as well as sharing documents. In addition, they too provide mobility to the users and desktop synchronization. Continuing the discussion, here is a blog post explaining benefits of utilizing Zimbra Email hosting. Read on!

• In traditional email system, organizations download messages through web hosts, afterwards store the same on the workstations via Outlook or other email clients. It set up works; however have certain drawbacks. Businesses that use emails a lot has to keep the backups of each workstation and they are not able to share mailboxes with other people. Though, with this email hosting, there will be no mismatched calendars and you don’t have to save the emails’ backup copies or install the shared mailboxes as well as shared calendars.

• Zimbra email hosting permits you to preserve shared mailboxes, whenever various staff people access mailboxes through email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, it offers shared calendars in order to provide access to the staff and even update the calendars as per permissions selected by you. 

• It make sure better centralization as you can easily maintain the shared tasks and contacts.

• The mobile synchronization feature assures that all calendars and mailboxes remain in sync with the mobile Phones, be it iPhone or Android.

• As it is archived locally, in Zimbra email hosting, it is quite possible to recover the calendars, contacts and emails at a given point of time through Microsoft Outlook or other email programs. Additionally, businesses can easily import the existing emails through IMAP, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. 

• It ensures that users can enjoy lucrative benefits like low monthly fees. In this hosting, servers, software, specialized equipment or licensing not needed. 

• Backend structure of Zimbra email server hosting is managed efficiently, so there are no chances of losing data and emails at the time of service outage. Even if the client facilities are unable to salvage accounts, the employees can easily access the same through mobiles and home computers. 

99.95% Uptime – It guarantees 99.95% uptime in order to make sure that the communications of businesses run smoothly.

Contact Management – Global as well as personal addresses’ list could be shared in the organization.

Unified Communication – Excellent integration with Mitel and Cisco for visual voicemail, click-to-call, call record history, instant messaging and presence. Additionally, it easily connected with other communication solutions via open APIs.

Robust Virus and Spam Protection – Every Zimbra email account comes with the robust protection against viruses and spam in order to help the system stay safe. 

Better Than Microsoft Outlook – Zimbra Email hosting offers the employees better experience as compared to Outlook utilizing either Zimbra Desktop Client or Zimbra Web Client. Stable, stable and its interface is quite similar to Microsoft Outlook. 

All the above-mentioned benefits have well-explained that Zimbra email server hosting is successfully catering to numerous businesses that require platform in order to handle plenty of traffic as well as secure services. Even Zimbra services are launched in order to resolve email-related issues. Also, these services provide identification, viruses’ removal, spam protection as well as synchronizes the contacts, calendars and emails. So, you can choose from different cheap email hosting in India or other parts of the world and deliver your services with great efficiency.