Ecommerce business is one of the most accessible as well as most profitable avenues. That’s why lots of people are starting their own ecommerce venture. Most of the times these business owners don’t have a proper plan to start their own business. As this business is fully online based, there are certain basic things to take note of before kick-starting the venture. One such important aspect is choice of the right web hosting service. If you serious about starting your own ecommerce business, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a web hosting service:

1 Is the Hosting Service Reliable?

It is the web hosting service that keeps a website stay online. That’s why checking the rate of uptime is very important. By the help of consistent uptime, ecommerce websites improve their chance of selling their product or service. This is because of the fact that more consistent websites create less hindrance in the funnel of customer navigation and thereby increase the traffic to site, followed by increase in online purchase from the site.

To make it clearer, it must be said that any downtime in case of ecommerce sites get directly converted to loss in money. Every minute an ecommerce site remains down, the website is unable to sell its products. This is the reason why an ecommerce website owner must keep reliability and uptime of a site among the major few issues to concentrate on.

There are many sites such as Review Signal, Cloud Spectator, and many more that provides thorough research on two major metrics such as reliability as well as uptime provided by different hosting service providers. From these kinds of sites, you can compare the services of different hosting companies. After doing a thorough research you will be able to know which the best available options to you are.

2 Have you compared the performances of various hosting services?

Slow website can have damaging effecting for ecommerce businesses. When a customer finds that a site is taking a lot of time to open, he/she just skips the same and moves on to the next available ecommerce site. Therefore, slow websites can directly lead to fall in sales. In fact, the loss can be more damaging in these kinds of cases because of the simple fact that the customer that has bounced off your site due to slow website will have an impression that the site will not be useful. This idea will bar the customer from even trying to enter the site. If that customer gets a better experience in a competitor’s ecommerce website then he/she is likely to become the loyal and lifelong customer of that site. As this factor is very important, it is extremely important to note that web hosts have the potential of making or breaking your ecommerce business. So, check whether the performance of the web hosting service is up to the mark. Always choose the one that can provide you with the fastest website service with respect to your budget.

3 How good is the customer service?

Customer service matters a lot when choosing a web hosting solution. When your site is running and sales are taking place, the first thing you need is the facility to get technical and other kinds of help from the service provider. This matters a lot because for the simple fact that you can’t let your site to be down even for a single minute. There are many hosting service providers who provide services for business hours only. This is not a realistic support for your ecommerce site because you never know when your business prospect will visit the site. Therefore, always try to choose a hosting solution that offers round the clock (24x7) support service.

4 How secured are your data with a hosting company?

This is the most crucial question that must be answered. It is always better to select a service that provides managed service. Not all website owners or managers are well versed with the hosting technicalities. This means that they don’t know when to do what, if problem occurs. That’s why managed services are the best bet for them. The hosting company itself appoints knowledgeable and experienced people who monitor the developments on the servers. If any problem crops up, they will take care of the problems then and there so that the clients’ sites keep working all the time, even if it is the dead of the night.