If you are using Drupal hosting for content management of your site or just as a framework for development, then it you announcement of Drupal 8 would certainly be music to your ears. It has been almost five years since the development of Drupal 8 had begun in the year 2011. It has certainly been worth the wait because Drupal has undergone a complete redevelopment.

There can be no two opinions about the powerful performance of Drupal hosting. However, there was a huge scope to enhance its user friendly features that were far from satisfactory. Drupal 8 has totally transformed this and has become significantly less complex, thanks to its use of Symphony as its PHP framework.

Drupal 8 is also much more responsive, scalable, and flexible with host of features in comparison with earlier version. It is essential to dig deeper into some of the noteworthy updates to facilitate redesigning of strategies to enable rapid business growth with efficient implementation of Drupal 8 on ground.

Drupal Hosting

Ease of Editing

This can be termed as a key highlight of Drupal 8 that has much superior content than earlier. You will love editing in Drupal 8, since it is fun, fast, and easy. It supports in-context and in-line editing of page with support of WYSIWYG editor that facilitates managing and editing website content.

Users can enhance their proficiency by using the content authoring for delivering fast workflows and much better management. Not to mention, data entry in Drupal 8 is super easy.

Amazing Authoring System

One of the most significant aspects of Drupal 8 is the improvised authoring system. The improvements in authoring system provide highly responsive toolbar that delivers excellent performance even on modern mobile devices and enables uploading of images right from the editor of Drupal 8. It also offers an improved side by side column content view for flawless editing.

Flexible and Responsive

Whether you need to access Drupal hosting by using smart phone or a tablet, Drupal 8 has you covered. The architecture of Drupal 8 assigns amazing compatibility and responsiveness across a multitude of devices. It also enables extremely flexible content delivery. The content can be created and delivered as a service, irrespective of devices and channels.

Multi-linguistic Features

Drupal 8 is developed to support a multitude of languages in terms of development side and can easily manage any translated with remarkable accuracy. Users of Drupal 8 are allowed to customize its interface in a wide array of languages with outstanding support for language localization as well as translation.


Since integration is the vital component of the digital ecosystem, Drupal 8 is highly revered for its outstanding ability to integrate effectively and smoothly with diverse range of technologies. This empowers users to explore wide spectrum of choices for implementing marketing automation or email marketing campaigns due to seamless flexibility offered by Drupal hosting.

By modifying default doctype of Drupal from XHTML to HTML5, the websites are allowed greater functionality and superior compatibility with modern mobile devices. It is a great idea to integrate Drupal 8 with Twig, which a fast, flexible, and secure template engine that simplifies organizing the themes by considerably mitigating coding efforts.

Summarizing attributes of Drupal hosting

Although Drupal is similar to WordPress or Joomla, it offers far better scalability and robustness of architecture. Drupal hosting service should be able to accommodate significant growth of sites such as media sites or large ecommerce stores.

Drupal has amazing flexibility that enables organizations operate wide spectrum of applications within a single Drupal installation.

In order to explore all advantages of Drupal 8, you need to find the right Drupal hosting service provider that has gained demonstrable expertise of offering the latest Drupal version. Drupal is commonly provided as a one-click installation by established hosts and is regularly updated for its continued and hassle-free use. You can also access wide range of plugins as well as modules for enhancing functionality of your Drupal hosting.

Drupal 8 is an extremely user friendly CMS platform and can be customized to match user’s requirements by accessing its sound repertoire of plugins and themes. Although Drupal was initially intended to be a forum, it is one of the most modern and highly sought after CMS platform that is powering two percent websites across the globe.