To make your online business successful, you must have a secure domain name registrant and a secure web hosting service. Domain registration essentially implies a process whereby a domain name can be registered which will identify one or more than one IP address with a particular name. This domain name is easy to remember and can be used in the URL for identifying web pages. The business which is responsible for domain registration is the domain name registrant; the domain name cannot be bought permanently, it must be renewed as long as possible. Domain registration lookup allows you to find out which domain names are available.

Owning a domain name is crucial for establishing your online identity; you will need the help of domain registration lookup feature to promote your site. So domain names work like the window display for your store. 

Domain name registration is important because of the following reasons:

- It helps to showcase your website to the world so that you can show your products and services before your targeted audience.

- Domains can also help search engines identify you because the domain name contains words which work like keywords. This is why it is important to think of relevant words when you are using the domain registration lookup tool. Domain names should ideally include your service and location. The name should be catchy but short so that users can find you easily.

- The domain should be eye-catchy so that the viewer is able to understand what your business deals with.

- Finding a suitable domain name for your site is the first step before you actually start creating the website and email accounts.

- Domain names are the best ways to protect your brand names on the Internet. Registering them with relevant country codes or with global codes may help to target the specific audience you are looking for.

Today most web hosting services offer domain name registration services. It is not necessary to register a new name all the time. There are companies that let you use sub-domains generated from their domain name for a site. Prices for domain names will also depend largely on their extensions. So, domain registration lookup services will help you find appropriate domain names which can connote your credibility. You should therefore look for web hosting providers which offer quick and reliable domain services. The ICANN or International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is responsible for authorizing registrars to assign domain names. The registrant is the entity who is the owner of the domain name. 
The domain registration lookup can verify that registrant details regarding personal domains has been properly entered and in case they have not, you might miss renewal notices, partnership requests or purchase offers. It also helps when you are keen to place an offer on a domain name which has already been registered. The domain registration lookup will allow you to view data such as contact information like the owner’s name, email id, mailing address and phone number. The domain registration lookup will also inform you whether the privacy control which you have installed is indeed effective or not.