Many business personals in the online venture might be in the catastrophe that whether a domain time frame is crucial for SEO and its significant character tics (such as branding, increased traffic and lead generation) or it is completely not. Well, it entirely depends on the number of facts that are assumed throughout the webmaster forum. 

The key points behind this statement “How Does Domain Registration Time Length affect your SEO”are as follows: 

1. Well-established sites constitute old domain names, so it is to be considered that it is good for SEO.
2. On the reverse side of the above point, an old domain implies that the site is well established. 
3. Spammers register new domains very often, thus to make a logical sense spamming site usually have newly domain names. 

The rumors are swirling across each and every mind that it is really building any imperfection to the ongoing activities of SEO. Many professionals at Google have stated that domain age is hardly a powerful ranking factor.

There are several other opinions made by the persons involved in internet marketing:

1. It doesn't matter at all or vice versa
2. It can only be a minor factor in between several other factors. 

Let's have a glance upon some of the evidence presented by Google specialists. Earlier Matt Cutts has been iterated about the variety of domain/ link/SEO issues. While putting alight onthe claims, he suggested that no search engines have ever concluded that they consider length-of-registration as a factor in scoring. If any organization is rely on this fact that would be troubling. He also explained that it is not a thing to worry upon, not very much at all. 

As far as Google patent is concerned, which is based on Google historical data, the talks are swirling more.

Here are the two points which are implemented on the basis of patents:

- Domain registration: the date on which a domain is registered may be used as an inception date. 
- Some signals may be used to distinguish between valid domain (the domains are often paid for several years in advance) and invalid domain (the domains are rarely used for more than a year).

While the patent dives straight forward, but its official version is no longer available, so the domain age factor can be over estimated or misinterpreted. So, it can be postulated as domain name registration time frame cannot speak the quality or trustworthiness of a website. A website age (its profile) is what exactly that matters most. Whilst, the domain age is a minor part like a damping factor: i.e. one of the factors signaling the search engine that might be spammy site.Moreover, older domains may accumulate more value due to their past records. To sum up all these points, domain registration would not lead to affect any SEO work while it will help in building your online presence.