Choosing the right domain name for your website is difficult. Consider these top 5 tips before purchasing a domain name registration.   

Branding is Important:

Look, what URLs or Uniform Resource Locators are available to you?Then you should select your preferred brand name accordingly.While choosing a domain name one needs to be creative and do the proper research. This research is important to see who else across the industry are using the similar domain name. While you name your domain name, you should be original, innovative and exciting. 

Associate Your Brand with the Domain Name:

You should not go for any unusual domain name that not compliments your brand. It is important to select a domain name which does not require any description. A domain name becomes an identity for a website. So, it should be relevant and according to the theme.    

Don't Put Just keywords in a URL: 

Stuffing keyword in a URL is not a good practice and it won’t help you to get higher ranking. So, don’t stuff keyword unnecessary. You should search for a well-researched domain name that should justify your brand and company. Don’t get obsessed with any particular name always open for opportunities. Always keep your domain name short and simple and easy to remember. It is suggested that don’t get trapped in domain abuse.
Don't Take Desperate Steps:

Sometimes, organizations become desperate and purchase such domain names which are hard to spell and pronounce. Along with this, any complex words, long domain names and clever words are strict no when you select a domain name. If you do so, it means you are making it hard for people to remember your website url. Select a name that has one possible spelling and easy to understand. 

Domain Name Extensions:

Once you purchase a domain names, make sure that you select the right extension for you. There is an array of extensions available, so you better think twice before asking your web hosting provider about preferred extension. You can select from .com, .org, .net, and more.