Quick.com may not be a familiar name. Even if it is, many people are not aware of the historical perspectives associated with the concerned domain name. This domain is among the first hundred domain names that were registered all across the world. Per data furnished by heritage Auctions, Quick.com is the 85th domain name booked. This booking was done on August 31, 1987, the times when the pop charts were ruled by the likes of Whitney Houston and Madonna. When you check domain name registration history, the first domain name registered was symbolics.com and it was booked back in 1985. Though symbolics.com is still not in news, Quick.com has grabbed headlines once again as it is up in auction once again. People interested to have information on domain names must know that this domain is counted among the most desired as well as memorable domain names avail. The other most desired domain name list consists of names such as helicopter.com, blaze.com, balloon.com, VE.com, and many more. Another name that is also up for grabs in the auctions of the domain name for Jolt Cola, which is jolt.com.

Check Domain Name Registration and the rate they are Fetching in the Auction

Reports say that live action of the domain name will take place in San Fransisco on April 19. In fact, the online bidding process has already started. When the auction rates are check online it has been found that the rate has already reached hit the bid amount of a whopping $ 75,000, which is equivalent to AUS$ 98,600 or £ 52,600. If this bid amount seems too much for you, there are other popular domain names too that are available for purchase in the auction such as daiquiri.com. Data shows that the bid price is still now revolving around a more moderate rate – around $3,750, which is equivalent to AUS$ 4,900.

Which Sites are the most Popular and the Least Popular?

Currently, the highest bid has been attracted by the 2-letter domain name VE.com and is considered as the start of the auction currently. The early bid fetched by VE.com currently stands at $300,000, which is equivalent to AUS$ 394,500 and £210,000. As a two-letter domain name fetch maximum auction bid, it has already reminded many about a similar bid price drawn by another 2-letter domain name – MI.com – two years back. It was in the year 2014, when Xiaomi, one of the leading names in the Chinese smartphone market, spent a whopping sum of $3.6 million to purchase MI.com.

Not all the domains have attracted such bids with astronomical figures. There are still some domain names that have attracted bids as low as $100 per domain name. Some of those domain names that have attracted least bid amounts include names such as IXUJ.com, SAXQ.com, TartanJacket.com, and NJOQ.com.