Until a few years ago, few people understood the importance of domain name check, much less on how to get one. 

With the unprecedented expansion of the internet as a platform for global communication, a large number of people are beginning to understand that domain names help in locating websites and in establishing online identity.

Let us first get to basics.

A domain name is essentially an address of an individual or a company on the internet. The domain address enables people to find you on the web, chiefly because it is your online identity. 

Why the need for domain names and how does it work?

A computing device on the internet has a unique numeric address, known as “Internet Protocol address” or “IP address”. This address is difficult to remember. To make it convenient to find a given location on the internet, the Domain Name System was created. 

A domain name is an alphanumeric address that is easy to remember. It associates with your IP address when people try to locate you on the World Wide Web interface.
A key feature of a domain name is it is globally unique, 

But first you must register a domain name.

For this you must complete the following:

- Select the top-level domain and second-level domain 
- Choose a registrar
- Do a domain name check for availability of your choice
- Decide on the period of registration and complete the registration procedures. 

For many people, creating a domain name is a challenge. They get confused on how to make a start. 

Here are a few tips on how to go about it. 

- It must say something about you, your company or your brand and services
- It must have an edge over other names by its ability to sell itself
- If the domain name is descriptive, it must convey some basic information about yourself or your company. 

A domain name is not just a simple short cut; it creates for you a strong web presence. Without a domain name you are lost in the vast expanse of the cyber space. 

Your domain name is the first salvo that adds credibility to your business. 

So before you perform a domain name check, here are a few things you must remember. 

- The name must imply that you are progressive. At first glance the name should signify that you are digital savvy and up-to-date on emerging technologies. 
- If the name matches your business, it will make easy for web surfers to find you. 
- The domain name has portability. You can take your name with you even if you change your web host. 

To summarize, a domain name check after factoring in all of the above points will go a long way in driving traffic to your website and building your online reputation.