If you have thought of an appropriate domain name for your website and come to know that it has been already taken, then things can be really frustrating.  There are instances when the present owner may not be using it and on top of it the owners may expect hefty sum in exchange.

It is found that most of the common .com domain names are usually taken due to the high demand for the extension. So your logically perfect domain name may not be available anymore. It would be better if you find that there is no website linked with the domain name of your choice.

This practically confirms that the domain name is not being used by the present owner and it is possible that the same may not be of any value to that owner. 

Things to do before buying a domain from current owner

The fastest and the surest way to know the status of registration is to visit WhoIs.com and run a registration check that will offer detailed information about the name of registrar, date of creation and date of expiration. You can also find name of the registrant along with postal address, email address and phone number in case there is no privacy protection applicable. 

Buyers should always test the domain for any penalties by Google to make sure that the domain is worth buying. One can look try Google search of the domain and subsequently crosscheck by using Google’s Penalty Tool for penalty verification and UpName.com for the past ownership history. 

In case you have a registered trademark that consists of the domain name, it is always prudent to claim your legal right on the domain name if the same was registered after trademark registration was executed.

You need to note that even if the domain name is not associated with a website, there is always a chance that it being used for other purpose such as email.

Contacting the owner and negotiating a fair price

Armed with the relevant information about the current status of the domain name, you are now ready to move ahead. Assuming that the domain has not crossed the date of expiration and the fact that it is not in use makes it a good case to purchase the domain name from present owner. 

Contacting the owner by way of an email or phone would be a right option. Once you are face to face with the owner, you may ask his or her opinion regarding selling the domain name. You can either make an upfront offer or wait for the owner to spell out the price. You need not sound too much serious. It is better to maintain a casual tome of conversation. 

It has been observed that the prices of domains follow the share market trends and are also governed by keyword usage, SERPs, volumes of traffic and so forth. The commercial value of the domain has a direct relation with the bid price. Common domain names can be sold at higher prices and the normal range of the prices of common domain names can fluctuate around $15000 to $ 30000. There are domains that can fetch millions of dollars.

You must appreciate that there are buyers who quote excruciatingly low prices and there are sellers who unrealistically inflate the prices. Ideally, you should be able to strike a good balance between the two. Many times it is observer that the seller is totally justified to quote a higher price for common domain names. To cut a long story short, the real price of a domain depends on the actual demand. 

There is another way to approach the owner and it is through a reliable broker. Brokering services are commonly offered by domain name hosts. This is a better alternative to enhance the scope of getting the domain of your choice from the current owner. Be prepared to pay the brokerage fee in addition to the negotiated cost of domain. 

Brokering and backordering

Every domain name has life and you can always register request for backorder so the registrar will place a claim as soon as the domain expires. The process can take some time since the current owner is accorded a grace period and then the domain name can be purchased by the registrar on your behalf. 

Selling domain names has evolved to become a full-fledged business with reputed companies offering brokering services. These firms ensure safety of transactions and protect buyers as well as sellers from scammers and fraudsters. NameJet, Sedo, and Aftermarket are some of the respected marketplace sites that are engaged in auctioning. 

You can use these services to search for domain names and to compare various domain offers that are backed by detailed statistics and sellers’ information. Their secure domain transfer services offer you immunity from fraudulent practices and ensure that there is a flawless transfer of the domain name to you. It is always better to negotiate for a fair price while buying domain from current owners.