Domain names function on the internet in a manner similar to physical address in the physical world. It is divided into several parts with each part providing specific information. The information contained in these pieces enables the web browsers to locate web pages. Domain names are used for identifying IP addresses. 

An IP address is nothing but a numerical pointer to the location of a computer anywhere in the world. For example IP address may be Domain names provide unique identity and recognizable name to numerical addresses of websites. Quality providers of cheap domain name allow you to register a domain name that is more memorable and makes a particular Web page easier to identify.

Domain Registration Defined

Domain registration thus is a process by which an organization or an individual can secure a website domain usually for a period of one year. As mentioned earlier communication by machines over the internet is based on IP protocol, and not domain names, web servers need a Domain need system server (DNS) to translate domain names into IP addresses that are recognizable by machines connected in the network.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing this DNS server. ICANN ensures that domain names are unique and not assigned previously to any other firm or person. 

Domain registration services 

Domain registration services are provided by a registrar. The registrar must be authorized by ICANN to carry out registration process. Cheap domain name providers at an affordable fees search their DNS database and assign some unique domain names to organizations or individuals. These companies help their clients find and categorize domain extensions like .com, .org, .info, .net among others. Generic domain names are a good brand recognition tool. 

It allows an organization to define the category the firm is involved in. For example a website like explains that it is a commercial organization while a domain name like suggests that it is in the business of dispersing information.

In the following section we shall look at some of the ways in which we can buy a cheap domain name.

Keep in mind the factors that have a bearing on domain name price

You can greatly benefit from a domain name that is simple, unique and most importantly easy to remember. The price of a domain name though depends upon some important factors like its overall length, ease of spelling, its length, etc. You also need to ensure that your domain name does not contain any misspelling or any symbols that are hard to type.

Ensure that you have full control over your domain name

There are quite a few domain name registration service providers who do not let you make any change to your domain names. You need to ensure that your service provider allows you to have a certain degree of control over your domain names.

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