Sudden spurt in traffic during vacation time, black Friday sales, and other holidays can impact performance of your websites unless you take necessary precautions. Upgrading your store as well as its hosting must be on the top of your agenda to make sure that the business runs smoothly to grab the opportunities presented by these events.

Better be Prepared Than Repent

One the most glaring examples of sudden rise in sales on a holiday can be the Black Friday during last year because fifty percent of American population shopped either online or in physical stores on this day generating a sale in excess of five billion dollars. What is the level of your store’s preparedness in terms of resources and capacity, if such tsunami of visitors is around the corner?

Modern shopping sites make arrangements to exploit the traffic on special occasions by gaining real-time scalability. Such scalability is designed for an instant increase in capacity of your site to handle greater volumes of visitors that may or may not be anticipated.

You need to check the provisions of your existing hosting package and find out the limits in terms of your site’s ability to handle a particular volume of hits per second. You can ask for additional capacity provisioning if the available resources are not going to be enough. The monthly limit is the most relevant indicator to make sure that your business site is ready to take on the flood of is to check and upgrade the plan much before the actual holiday season.

Consider Downtime as an Enemy

It is quite common and extremely possible that your site may face a downtime right during the massive influx of visitors thus bringing all online sales activities to a screeching halt.

In addition to insufficient resources there are other factors that may disturb performance of your site. While improved scalability can ensure resource availability, the problem at host’s end are out of your control. These problems can be associated with failure of hardware and other equipment that is used to maintain connectivity. In spite of continuous monitoring and other performance-related measures implemented by your host.

The only solution to prevent a downtime that could be due to technical failures at host’s side is to avail hosting plan that guarantees failover capability. This type of assurance includes switching of your website’s hosting operation to another server in the event of any unexpected outage. By thoroughly understanding the hosting plan, you can take a decision with regard to upgrading for failover capability.

Significance of Page Load Speeds

Improvement of search results cannot be achieved unless you address a large array of factors including page load speeds. This attribute is designed to empower your online business to be easily found in response to an online search by potential customers. Moreover, faster loading of your site’s pages can also keep your customers engaged on the site.

There are multiple methods to improve page load speeds and thankfully, some of these are under your control. Image optimization is one of the most proven ways of improving page loading times. This is because images usually take longer to load than other elements of the product pages such as specifications, reviews, and so forth.

Impatient customers are the first to abandon their search if your site’s pages load slowly. As per one of the surveys, a mere three second delay is enough to force a whopping forty percent of visitors leave the sites. There are tools to confirm the speed of page loads including Google PageSpeed insights that also provide useful recommendations to enhance the aspect of page loading.

These suggestions may include achievement of proper server density, optimized configuration of cache, and even hosting upgrades. Armed with this information, you will be able to get your web hosting provider to implement the recommendations in order to prepare the site for an enhanced customer engagement.

Secured Shopping

You can improve your site’s profile to attract and engage more and more visitors by offering a guarantee of secured shopping. The most important aspect of secured shopping is prevention of hackers and data thieves by implementing best security practices.

A data breach has huge potential to disrupt your online activities and if this happens right in the middle of a holiday sale, then you stand to lose fruits of all your hard work and efforts for upgrading and preparing the store to meet increased customer footfall.

You can check your hosting package and make sure that the host is implementing frequent data scans. These scans and upgrades can together guarantee prevention of major data breach events.

Securing your site by implementing things that are under your control is the most practical action you need to take without losing any time. You should always be sure that your site’s applications and other software are regularly updated to make sure that hackers do not gain access to your store’s data.