One of the most crucial requirements for a customer is to have a domain name before they start their online business. It is always recommended to choose a domain name that matches with the business the organization deal. Organizations with a good domain name have more scope to get their websites rank well in search engines. Searching for domain names availability though not complicated is not simple too. The customers have a lot of factors to consider while doing a domain name check.

The name has to be unique and easy to remember. It is always better to be ready with alternate name preferences or think about restructuring the name just in case the name they initially wanted is not available. The clients can approach a domain name registrar to the check for domain names availability. Most of the web hosting companies offers domain name registration services. They normally have the license to function as an approved domain name registrar. In case a client is unable to get the domain name of their choice they could approach the customer getting details from the WHOIS directory since many individuals buy domain names in bulk and do domain reseller business. The client can buy the domain name and satisfy themselves of getting the name of their choice but they may have to pay a premium figure for the same. Once the formalities of confirming the domain names availability is over, the client has to get it registered with the domain name registrar by paying the requisite fee and finishing other documentation formalities.  

The clients are advised to follow a few tips while doing a check for domain names availability.  These include

- The domain name should not be too complicated to remember. It is better to avoid special characters in between the domain name
- It should be simple and easy to remember as a wrong spelling could divert the user from the website they are searching for. 
- The domain address should include keywords that describe the business done. The user will be able to save a lot of time as they can avoid opening a site that is not pertaining to what they are looking for. 
- The domain name should be self explanatory giving the user an idea of the website’s nature of business.

While doing a check for domain names availability clients can try for alternate extensions. .com, .net, .org have been the most commonly used extensions. For example, readymade garment store seller may want but if it is unavailable they could try for or if it is a small location based business they could try for Web searchers looking for kids readymade clothes in Delhi will immediately click on that site. 

The next crucial step every organization has to complete for an effective online presence is to buy the web hosting services from a hosting provider. Normally these hosting companies have the license to do a check for domain name  and offer it as a free add on service to customers that buy any of the hosting plans from them.