Having a domain name is an important step towards using a website to achieve business success.

Even if you have not yet thought of building a website, you can register your domain name with help from one of the web hosting services.

Here are a few good reasons why you must do so.

- If you do not secure a domain name for your enterprise, your competitors will do so. 
- It is one of the best approaches to get exposure for your business. 

But first, an explanation as to why you need a domain name. 

If you require a web presence then your domain name is your unique identity. It is for this reason; many individuals and businesses make a great deal of effort in searching domain name availability.

A domain name actually represents an Internet Protocol resource. 

It is difficult for people to remember complex IP addresses in order to navigate the internet. A domain name is a human-friendly adaptation of an IP address that makes people easy to find a specific website. 

Prima facie it should appear any domain name should work. Then why this scramble for domain name availability?

The right domain name impacts a website’s success in nearly every sphere, including search engine optimization and social media visibility. 

Here is how.

A domain that contains targeted keywords increases CTRs, or click-through rates. That is why businesses like to purchase exact match domains (EMDs). Exact match domains contain keyword phrases that SEO strategist would target. 

For example, if you are in the business of selling XYZ cameras, then you would be keen on domain names availability of say XYZcamera.com. 

Such a strategy has the following advantages.

- The presence of your brand as a keyword phrase in the domain is in itself a strong ranking factor.
- The domain name strongly establishes your new identity. 

Here are a few tips on how to register your domain name.


The foremost requirement of the domain is it must offer you a unique identity that preferably aligns with your business. A generic name is not exactly helpful. In case an effort of domain names availability that matches your exacting needs does not help, then the best option is to go for the nearest alternative. 

Easy to recall

Make it short. People remember a name that is short and easily recognized. 

Avoid numbers

Numbers are difficult to say and type, so these are best avoided. Even hyphens must be shunned. 

Register domains with similar names 

Register more domains with different extensions. This strategy will help you in protecting your brand. 

Combine a couple of words 

If you can combine 2 or 3 words to create an easy to remember and simple to pronounce and spell that would be a great idea for a domain. Such a domain will easily connect with readers.     

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