Dedicated hosting provides capabilities and resources of an entire sever that are specifically focused to keep your website up and running. The IT resources like CPU Utilization, RAM, Disk speed, storage speed and processor speed are not shared with any other website, which is the case in a shared environment. This type of sharing of resources can hamper the performance of your company website due to network congestion. Some websites can extract all the resources attention leading very less for your site to avail. The service degradation can result in loss of customers. This risk is primarily mitigated in a dedicated hosting environment.

Dedicated connection is reliable. You have all the necessary bandwidth or memory you need. Although the cost is bit on the expensive side however if you have constant high traffic on your website, having a dedicated hosting server will end up becoming a plus point for you. There will be no website downtime hence satisfying customer needs. A satisfied customer can result into a word-to-mouth marketing for your service.

Dedicated hosting is also more secured. The servers reside in a stringently secured environment in a best-in-class data center. All the facilities including biometric entry, surveillance cameras, extensive rack space, firewalls on servers, temperature controlled rooms are monitored through BMS (Building Monitoring System). In a shared server, neighboring websites can spy on your company data, hackers can creep in making your sensitive information not 100 per cent secured. There is no such worrisome factor in a dedicated hosting service.

You can also install any application/software on a dedicated connection. All types of customizations are feasible as per your business requirement. It also has better performance with redundant IT infrastructure. There is a guaranteed network uptime because of backup facilities.

Hence, dedicated hosting is perfect for websites/businesses that consistently deal with high traffic and not have sporadic rise and decrease in traffic.