A dedicated server is the best choice for all enterprises. Big sized organizations opt for fully managed dedicated servers which are most advanced and sophisticated in the industry. It provides quality uptime and comes with efficient maintenance at all times. Though, it is expensive in comparison with other hosting options available in the industry, but still there are several organizations which prefer managed dedicated servers for hosting. Several features and benefits are been offered with a dedicated server. The most important feature is that it offers unlimited storage space for later expansion of the website. Organizations which don't require full resources of a managed dedicated server can also opt for a managed virtual private server as an option.  

These days, most of the web hosting provider offer different plans for managed dedicated hosting servers. Users can select the best suited plan to meet the business and personal requirements.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Web Hosting Service Providers Offer Numerous Services to the Users Which Include:

Round the Clock Support:

The first and foremost thing is 24/7/365 support by the web hosting providers. Sometimes the website can be down and thus the hosting providers always try to offer optimum support to the businesses.   

Initial Server Setup:

The web hosting provider offer initial server setup for free. It is one of the major services which offered to the businesses.

Operating System and Control Panel Installation:

At the time of hiring servers, the web hosting providers install operating systems along with control panel configuration. Users avail with complete access to the control panel for customization of hosting servers.    

Domain Name Setup:

There are web hosting organizations that provide domain name registration for free. It is one of the value added services for the customers.      

Setting up SSL Certificate:

Customers are been provided with SSL certificate setup well. SSL certification is something that been offered by some web hosting providers only.  

System Administration and Troubleshooting:

While purchasing a hosting plan web hosting providers also offer system administration services to install and configure several required software and more. The experts also troubleshoot the issues within a jiffy. 

Security Services:

There are web hosting providers which offer complete protection of systems from viruses, spyware and other issues.