Selection of the right web host for the purpose of shared, VPS, or dedicated server hosting is a vital process as far as setting up of your website is concerned. The Web hosting industry is crowded with such a vast multitude of hosts providing wide range of hosting plans that new-comers often get perplexed while choosing a web host. However, the following significant parameters will help you make an informed decision.

Assured and Seamless Technical Support

Website management is a significantly technical process and one needs to find a webhost that provides guarantee of a round the clock technical assistance. There are many hosts that leave you at the mercy of some call center executives that are only able to handle general queries. Users must be offered easy access to knowledgeable support staff by way of telephone, email or online chat.

If you happen to avail a dedicated or VPS hosting service, then an unrestricted technical freedom is extremely essential for smooth management of your website. For example, you should have freedom to select right version of PHP to support your specific software applications.

Reliable Availability of Website

Your website is designed for consistent online availability and the proven dedicated server hosting provider needs to guarantee unrestricted performance of the website. Choosing a webhost that has proven its ability for keeping your website up and running for 99.99 percent of time can make sure that your clients or visitors are able to access your business without any hassles.

Bandwidth Availability

Many dedicated server hosting solution providers follow the practice of setting up upper limits to the bandwidth consumption. These hosts make you pay for additional bandwidth to keep your online operations up and running. This can put your website in a suspended state if your site receives large number of visitors. It is highly unfortunate if your growing visitor base suddenly finds that the website is offline. Always choose a host that guarantees unlimited bandwidth availability for uninterrupted performance of the site.

Availability of Optimum Disk Space

Unless yours is a small venture that needs limited disk space, you should confirm the disk space limitations to store huge volumes of data. The exact volume of disk space needs to be assessed by considering the present and projected needs in relation with business growth. This is especially true for the large organizations that are engaged in collection and distribution of enormous amounts of data. On the other hand, small websites need not be allocated excessive disk space in order to keep hosting expenditure under control.

SSL Certificate

Every online venture that involves payment processing needs to be backed by SSL certificates to reassure visitors about security of transactions. No wonder, Google has cautioned users to be careful while transacting on non-SSL websites. This also holds true for applications that demand personal information of visitors or applications that need sharing of user credentials. It is better to shun dedicated server hosting services that cannot enable use of SSL certificates.

Website Security

Security is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting an appropriate hosting provider. Your site’s operation and the mission-critical data needs to be protected from hackers for its continuity and integrity. Some of the hosts offer scheduled and remote backup facilities to maintain the latest files so that the operations can be restored smoothly in the event of an unexpected outage.

Selection of Proper OS

Although Windows is the commonest operating system for desktops, one needs to explore possibility of choosing Linux operating system for execution of online operations and administration of websites. Linux is the most sought after website for users of WordPress CMS. Never settle for a web host that restricts your choice of operating system because the freedom to implement the specific OS is needed for seamless running of applications.

Availability of Control Panel and Email Resource

Server management, upgrading of accounts, adding new hosting services are some of the uses of control panel. Your dedicated server hosting provider must offer choice of selecting either Plesk or cPanel as control panel to streamline your server management.

Email is an essential aspect of running any business and your host must offer e-mail functionality to make sure that you are running your business like a pro.