The significance of a good web designer or choosing the right Content Management System for outstanding performance of the website is a foregone conclusion. However, one can never underestimate the importance of web hosting provider’s support for seamless web presence of the enterprise.

In order to appreciate multiple factors that can be attributed to a host’s contribution to the overall performance of a website, one needs to have an access to a proper guide that highlights various aspects of a good web host. This article aims to provide highlights of a right web hosting service provider.

Selection of Host - Fundamental Considerations

For the majority of the small or new websites, choosing a shared hosting package is entirely justified due to the limited requirement of resources and cost efficiency of the hosting plans offered by shared hosting providers. Similarly, Virtual Private Hosting or dedicated hosting can be considered for larger websites with greater resource requirements and need for security compliance.

Unlike a shared hosting package, dedicated server hosting or VPS-hosting plan offers sufficient and scalable support for running websites with complex web applications and mission-critical databases. In case of a website that needs to manage consistent growth in a number of concurrent or daily visitors, one must be able to back up the site with abundant bandwidth availability.

In the absence of bandwidth support, the website will certainly encounter downtime or slow page loading. Such issues are bound to impact visitor volume since no visitor would like to stay on a slow loading website for a longer time. Ideally, your web host must provide you with a facility to move over to different plans for catering to changing needs of websites.

Many individuals are confused with a relative importance of bandwidth and disk space. The bandwidth is like a tunnel that allows traffic to your website, if your website is expected to receive a larger number of visitors then you will need to have a larger tunnel than the regular one. Disk space is associated with the installation of applications as a smaller disk space will restrict large sized applications to be accommodated.

Sometimes, you can assess the responsiveness of the host’s service and support team by asking for a support ticket to know about hosting plans and understand how quick the response is. This will provide a sound insight into the vital aspect of responsiveness.

Checking Online Reviews

Have you ever come across a host that has fared well in terms of hosting reviews but has failed miserably in reality? It is quite common to witness such examples due to a proliferation of fake or paid reviews. This can be checked by confirming the presence of affiliate links in the articles or blogs that are posted by them.

Thankfully, there are many genuine web hosting service provider companies that do not need the support of affiliate links as their reviews are from authentic clients.

Fallacy of Unlimited Offers

You must not fall prey to web hosts that promise unlimited resources such as bandwidth, disk space, and much more. However, no host can provide unlimited resources because the host himself cannot procure such unlimited resources because a hard disk that has unlimited storage space is yet to be invented. These terms are used to boost sales of the company and are nothing better than marketing gimmicks.

Choosing Hosts on Basis of Site’s Size

Web projects can broadly classify as small, medium, and large in terms of their complexities and application requirements. If you are going to launch a small website, then your hosting needs can be easily catered to by shared hosting plans. In case of medium-sized websites that are on the path to become big sites in a near future, one should not think of anything lesser than a VPS hosting plan.

Big and complex websites must be considered as right candidates for dedicated hosting plans. Although the three kinds of websites cannot be distinguished with precision, these guidelines can certainly offer a fair idea for choosing the right kind of web hosting plan with respect to the site’s size.

In Conclusion

Choice of a web host is a major decision in the entire lifecycle of your web project. This is followed by the selection of a proper hosting plan that allows smooth and robust online performance of the site.