Choice of a proper web hosting environment is a vital aspect of smooth and hassle free running of website. VPS and dedicated hosting provide remarkable benefits in terms of privacy, control, and security. One needs to look at overall aspects of website performance before taking a decision to move forward to higher version of hosting. It would be appropriate to look into significant attributes of VPS and dedicated hosting in order to understand factors that would influence such an important decision. 

Attributes of VPS Hosting

It is okay to begin with shared hosting during the initial phase of running any website or a web based application. The decision to shift to VPS hosting from shared hosting is governed by the growth in website traffic. If your website is not able to run smoothly due to limited resource availability of shared hosting, then a Virtual Private Server hosting is considered to be a logical choice. 


VPS hosting is normally preferred when a website has outgrown resource availability of shared hosting but is too small to consume premium resources offered in dedicated hosting. VOS hosting is superior to shared hosting in terms of privacy and controls. Websites are offered dedicated portion of a server in a virtual form that entitles them dedicated resources of disk space, bandwidth and RAM. VPS hosting allows use of dedicated resources in a shared environment because in VPS hosting, a single server is divided into several virtual private servers. 

The most significant aspect of VPS hosting is the use of virtualization technology for dividing a single server into multiple virtual servers. Users of Virtual Private Servers are able to operate their websites in an isolated environment with freedom to add applications of their choice.

VPS hosting allows greater reliability than shared hosting and is much more economical than dedicated hosting. Performance of website running in VPS environment is not influenced by resource hungry neighbors as in case of shared hosting. Every website on VPS is allocated individual control panel that can be used for installation or modification of software applications. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Whenever entire resources of a standalone server are allocated to a single website or a web application, the hosting arrangement is termed as dedicated server hosting. In dedicated server hosting users are allowed to choose hardware as well as software of the server and enjoy complete freedom to install applications and firewall protection. Clients are also allowed to design their individual security policies and decide rules. Some of the service providers shower their clients of dedicated server hosting with a plethora of options and allow them to select brand of web server disk space, RAM, and operating system. The server can be further upgraded in the event of continued growth of business. 

Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive among all types of hosting and needs support of technically proficient workforce for the administration and maintenance of server.  Dedicated server facilitates smooth business growth and provides complete freedom to operate the server according to individual business objectives and requirements. These servers are ideal for installing applications that are not permitted in VPS or shared hosting plans. 

Knowing When to Move to Dedicated Hosting

There are several situations that demand higher version of hosting and necessitate migration from shared or VPS hosting to dedicated server hosting. If you are experiencing periodic downtime events and slow site performance or have reasons to believe that your site may have been hacked. 

Migration to dedicated hosting is also on the cards when you need larger disk space or greater processing power. Sometimes you may need to run special software applications that cannot be supported in cheaper hosting options or need greater website control for your website’s DNS control. 

There can be times when you need a command line access to your website or need to provide exceptionally high security to website users for handling sensitive or classified information such as personal details financial credentials and so forth. These are some of the situations that can call for migration to dedicated hosting. 

Things to Remember Before You Make the Shift

The most fundamental considerations that are essential before deciding to move to dedicated hosting from shared or VPS hosting are cost concerns and hosting needs. Dedicated hosting is the premium option and therefore has a higher price tag attached to it. You can search for hosts that provide economical dedicated hosting plans or can also explore possibility of procuring higher resources in VPS hosting itself.