No matter what is the size of an enterprise, security, storage capacity, and bandwidth continue to be major considerations for selection of hosting services apart from price comparison. There is a growing trend of selecting shared hosting services by new and small enterprises due to lesser resource requirement and limited budget for IT expenditure.

Large enterprises prefer to select dedicated hosting for implementing their web applications or hosting business websites. In dedicated server hosting environment, clients are provided access to entire resources of standalone physical servers. Unlike shared hosting arrangement that allows number of websites to share resources of a single server, dedicated hosting assigns all resources of a server to its user with no interference from other accounts whatsoever.

Following are five major advantages of dedicated server hosting. One needs to assess relevance of these benefits in terms of business goals and hosting requirements before choosing the option of dedicated hosting.

Security of Website Information

Security of data is a prime consideration while adopting web hosting services. In a dedicated environment one can expect the highest level of security as compared with any other type of hosting such as shared hosting and Virtual Private Server hosting. Implementation of different security measures and custom security policies is possible to the fact that dedicated server is a single tenant offering.

Users can also plan regular security updates to protect data files as well as website applications. In dedicated hosting there is no threat of malicious scripts being run by neighboring accounts similar to shared hosting service. Hosting providers allow full admin access to servers thereby facilitating installation of add-ons, anti-malware, firewall, and anti-virus software.

Assured Reliability

If you are using a shared hosting service for implementation of web applications or for hosting your website, then you will be at the mercy of your provider as far as resource availability or resource provisioning is concerned. However, in dedicated hosting solution users are assured of allocated resources at any given time for smooth performance of website or web applications.

Salable Resources

No business can survive for a long time without implementing growth plans and achieving growth objectives. Business growth will be obstructed if the resources such as server capacity and bandwidth are not scalable to accommodate growth of the business. In a dedicated hosting arrangement, users can plan for additional disk space or bandwidth without any hassles and continue to achieve higher growth objectives.

Ample resources also enable deployment of additional applications that may be essential for the business growth. Organizations need not face the prospects of server migration due to excellent scalability offered in a dedicated hosting ecosystem.

Flexibility of Hosting and Controls

Operational flexibility with remarkable server controls is the forte of dedicated hosting service. Businesses adopt dedicated server hosting to be able to implement any number of applications and access greater bandwidth as and when required according to business exigencies. Users can also access caching software to elevate website performance. Control on server environment and flexibility of installing software applications are essential attributes of dedicated hosting for mission critical web applications of business websites.

Cost Efficiency

One needs to understand that dedicated servers are premium resources among all types of hosting options. These servers are usually governed by higher costs of maintenance and operations. In order to improve cost efficiency of dedicated servers users can access virtualized software including VmWare, Amazon AWS, and Virtual Machines to accommodate more applications without need for additional servers. One physical server can be designed to host number of website applications by adding a layer of virtualization and virtually partitioning a single server into multiple instances of Virtual Machines.


If you are planning to ensure uninterrupted business operations by operating high performance web applications via a business website, then a dedicated server is the ultimate choice. You can also dedicate a standalone server for a single operation or workload including a database server. Dedicated servers are devoid of any interference from other accounts. The only downside of dedicated hosting is the higher costs. In fact, dedicated hosting is the most cost intensive hosting solution than shared hosting as well as VPS hosting. In spite of such cost concerns, business critical applications are ideally hosted in dedicated hosting environment.