At times, slow loading, lag and dropped games are frustrating. Imagine you have invested your time in a game to reach the last level, but you lose the whole game owing to the internet problems. Game aficionados take games quite seriously and losing their progress due to glitches in the internet could be truly infuriating. Witnessing the same, most of the gamers look for dedicated game server hosting. Dedicated server offers excellent connectivity with the bandwidth solely for gaming. These servers are used for enjoying the games uninterruptedly, alone or with friends. Apart from reputation and skills, there are many things that people need to know before selecting a game server hosting. Here is a blog post explaining the several capabilities that are worth the consideration. Take a look.  


1. Performance

Performance and speed is most vital factor in game server hosting and they should be sufficient to prevent the game from disruptions like latency or lag. Server must be powered by superior-quality hardware like Solid State Drives. In addition, they must be hosted on network with Tier-1 network service providers and robust infrastructure in order to make sure correct bandwidth.

Note: DialWebHosting offers and recommends premium game server hosting in India as well as globally. Its hosting plans follow SSD architecture and supreme network connectivity. Speed and performance are not at all optional, both of them come combined with every hosting plan. 

Individual games have separate performance needs; therefore, you need to check available documentation in order to ensure that you select a right server. For Linux servers, 5GB RAM is recommended for the games utilizing Graphical User Interface with 3 to 5 players and around 3 GB is recommended for 5 to 8 players using console. This memory is entirely dedicated to game server, apart from RAM utilized by the Operating System. 

Also, Seamless game play depends on the processing power; thus, select the server with maximum CPU or Intel Core. 

2. Reliability

At the time of considering the price factor while selecting dedicated game server hosting, users must consider the uptime. Having a hosting provider with disruptions is not going to be fun as compared to the ones that offers uninterrupted game server hosting that keeps game online. There are several uptime statistics available from different websites and any of the hosting provider having less than 99% network uptime is considered unreliable. 

Note: DialWebHosting provides 99.95 percent network uptime. It is an ideal uptime for any business. 

Apart from reliability, security is also a popular factor with the game servers. A reputable dedicated game sever host must offer secured servers along with DDoS protection and strong firewall. 

You Should Look for Hosting Plans that Include -

• DDoS protection

• Setup for firewalls

• Optimizations

• System updates

• Hardening 

The Above-Mentioned are Provided by Top-Notch Web Hosts like DialWebHosting. 

3. Automation and Management Ease

As gamers will rather play as server administrators, game server hosting provider must offer best-in-class features like different control panels to administrate, automatic updates and 1-click installation software that automates essential updates to Kernel Operating System without the need of rebooting the server, which is usually required. 

When considering the reliability, you need to compare the price, server setup time as well as administration time.

4. Support

Renowned dedicated game server hosting companies make the services easy-to-use along with the professional support team. Game lovers must look for reputable web hosting provider that monitor the services efficiently as well as provide the technical support 24/7/365. Even if you play the games on weekends or at night, you will be able to play them seamlessly with excellent support. 

5. Anti-Cheating Software 

If you are allowing others to use your server, then you need to have anti-cheating software. It will offer safeguards against hackers and potential cheaters manipulating the code for their benefit. Obviously, if you are investing on your dedicated server, then protecting the same utilizing anti-cheating software might be anticipated by paying customers. In case, it is a consideration, then you need to count it in overall costs too. 

6. Research

This is one of the most important factors that you must consider before purchasing game server hosting in India or other parts of the world. There are plenty of companies and product choices in the market. Available selections and packages make the pricing difficult to find out and you need a lot of time in order to consult with the representatives, read reviews and do the research online prior committing the time and money to a company.  

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Dedicated server helps in making the gaming quite secure as well as offers unlimited entertainment and fun with no crashes and bandwidth caps. If you opt for dedicated server, then you should know how to utilize it. 

DialWebHosting offers dedicated game server hosting, and optimized and secured dedicated servers that have premium quality hardware such as SSDs. 99.95% uptime of DialWebHosting makes sure of high bandwidth with the hosting providers, such as Level 3 and Internap. It will always provide enterprise-level support, uptime and security.